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Wedding Gifts Using Materials Found Around Your Home

Wedding Gifts Using Materials Found Around Your Home

Monday, September 25 2017

Summer and early fall can be a time of an overwhelming number of weddings. Especially if you’re on the younger side, you probably had plenty of friends getting engaged last fall and they’re all having their ceremonies now. While you’re happy for your friends and want to celebrate their love and their future life together, sometimes weddings only make you think about your wallet, even as a guest.

Wedding gifts can be expensive, especially if the bride registers with certain stores to only get the things she likes from them. As a young person, money is scarce, so how do you make sure you always bring a gift to your friends’ weddings? The secret is to do it yourself.

Paw-fect Ways to Include a Pet in your Wedding

Paw-fect Ways to Include a Pet in your Wedding

Wednesday, September 20 2017

Isn’t the very idea of inviting your best friends to celebrate your special day a part of the purpose of the whole shebang? Well, for those among you who have befriended a few furry, fluffy, feathery or otherwise coated companions, the wedding day wouldn’t be complete without their presence.

Luckily for the bride and groom, but perhaps slightly unfortunate for your aunt who holds a grudge against Polly the parrot, you can now set up your once in a lifetime event along with your non-hooman companions. And, they don’t have to just sit quietly in the corner – you can make them an indelible part of the ceremony!

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