{Online Exclusive:  A Little Horsing Around}

{Online Exclusive: A Little Horsing Around}

Thursday, December 18 2014

Equestrian style is classic Maryland.  A blend of rustic, elegant, country, and class, weddings that follow this theme always come out beautifully.  Whether horses are a part of your life or not, the equestrian feel can be incorporated into your wedding with a few easy touches.  Read on to see our tips!

{Pinned:  #brideinboots}

{Pinned: #brideinboots}

Monday, December 15 2014

We know what you're thinking...you've seen plenty of brides kicking around in their cowboy (cowgirl?) boots.  The mix of the rustic leather with an elegant gown or bridesmaid dress is definitely a signature look.  And the photos - adorable!

There's more to a #brideinboots than just this look.  Whatever kind of boots are in your closet, or on your wish list, there's a way to wear them at your wedding.  Check out more finds from our Pinterest collection!

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