{Pinned:  #brideinboots}

{Pinned: #brideinboots}

Monday, December 15 2014

We know what you're thinking...you've seen plenty of brides kicking around in their cowboy (cowgirl?) boots.  The mix of the rustic leather with an elegant gown or bridesmaid dress is definitely a signature look.  And the photos - adorable!

There's more to a #brideinboots than just this look.  Whatever kind of boots are in your closet, or on your wish list, there's a way to wear them at your wedding.  Check out more finds from our Pinterest collection!

{A Southern Inspired Menu}

{A Southern Inspired Menu}

Friday, December 12 2014

A hot trend in wedding and event catering is Southern food -comforting and delicious, whats not to love?  The typical southern classics that you may have eaten before are being repackaged into high end haute cuisine with unique twists on presentation and flavor.  Chefs know that southern food is accessible, tasty, and works with the farm-to-table movement.  Considering a southern inspired menu?  Read more for our favorite ideas that will make it sophisticated!

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