Blog Post10 Things No One Tells You About When Shopping For A Wedding Ring

w411dev November 15, 2017

Through sweaty palms and an antsy mind, you surpassed that moment of uncertainty; you proposed and she said yes! So begins the exciting journey of searching for the perfect ring that embodies your unconditional love and will symbolize your union for many years to come.

No smart buyer walks into any jeweler’s store without first doing painstaking research, yet there are ten things no one tells you about when shopping for a wedding ring.

Bigger Doesn’t Necessarily Mean It’s Better

It is a common mistake to think “the bigger the carat, the better the ring.” Carat is simply the weight of the diamond and doesn’t reflect its quality – it’s only one of the factors; carat, cut, color, and clarity are the ones that affect overall esthetic quality.

A smaller diamond with an adequate cut can visually overpower a weightier one. You must find a diamond with the right combination instead of focusing on one characteristic.

Diamond Grading Certificates Differ

A diamond’s grading certificate is only as authentic as the laboratory doing the grading. Similar graded diamonds can look different for that simple fact.

Asking the jeweler for a same-grade diamond from a reputable third-party gemological laboratory – like the Gemological Institute of America – as a comparison to the one you are interested in is a great way to check general appeal. If in doubt, stick with a well-certified diamond even if it increases the cost.

Don’t Shop Alone

Contrary to popular belief, a wedding is not all about the bride. Shopping for your wedding rings should be a conjoint effort and a fun one at that! Go jeweler-hopping as a couple and test out different styles and varieties. Wedding rings don’t have to come in pairs – the final decision should be one you both are pleased with.

The Right Metal Matters

Welcome to the era of unlimited options, that is why it’s recommended to discuss metal preferences with your partner before shopping. Most brides will desire a material that will nicely match their engagement ring, so choose among the classic gold, trendy rose gold, beautiful silver, and sturdy platinum varieties.

On the other hand, there are also other popular metals like palladium or zirconium. Each metal will have an impact on the total cost of the rings, so take into account budget limits.

Enhanced Diamonds Are Not As Valuable

Treated and color-enhanced stones only cause diamond devaluation but don’t worry because legitimate grading certificates will include any and all enhancements done so that you will be more aware of what you’re buying.

Artificial augmentations are done to give the stone a uniform and attractive visage. The issue is the decreased value that drilling and treating causes, as well as the fact that color changes can be temporary. Imagine buying something beautiful now just to have that initial beauty fade away down the road.

Search For It Early

Your partner has already said yes to your proposal so there is no reason to postpone the shopping spree. Give this task a minimum of five-six months if you will be looking for customized or bespoke wedding rings. Remember that even simple engraving can take up to a month! Start window shopping early so you will have the perfect rings ready for that special day.

Make Sure The Size Is Right

Shopping as a couple will allow for a correct fitting instead of guessing your loved one’s size. Our fingers go through contracting and swelling phases due to heat, cold, water retention, or weight gain, so your final fitting should be done when you are in a calm disposition with a normal body temperature. In addition, avoid morning fittings and exercise beforehand.

Follow Your Gut

At the end of the day, your common sense and gut will lead you to the appropriate choice. You are looking for a ring that calls to you on a personal level and it must appear marvelous and priceless to you with every stolen glance. If you are in love with the way it looks on your hand, you have a potential winner.

Have A Budget

It is the one jewelry you will wear forever and consequently, you want to shop early so your funds won’t be overly depleted after other wedding purchasing requisites. Consider at least 3% of your total wedding budget going into the rings.

Your jeweler should be able to offer you a good selection of rings along your price range. If none catches your eye, consider increasing your budget or asking if a ring can be customized to your desires.

Take Note Of Your Lifestyle

Perhaps you want a ring with an overload of diamonds and an intricate design, but you work with your hands on a daily basis. You will risk losing gemstones or getting dirt trapped between the carvings.

That is why, make sure your wedding ring – which is something that is normally never taken off – can fit in with your current lifestyle. Many simple wedding bands can be as beautiful as they are comfortable with the right tweaks.


These ten things no one mentions are incredible and reasonable bits of advice that will guide you through the journey of shopping for your wedding ring. Make it a fun adventure for two and intelligently make your final decision based on personal desires and expectations.

Written By: Elena Tahora

Elena is an expert in wedding jewelry. Giving advice to customers at is her passion and there’s nothing more she loves than admiring various jewelry designs.