Blog Post3 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Wedding Videographer

wpengine July 13, 2018

Many couples aren’t sure if they should hire a wedding videographer and struggle to decide if the service is worth the cost. In recent years it was common for couples to nix the video to save money, but a large majority of those couples said they regretted that choice. A wedding video is an investment that you will always cherish and have as a visual keepsake to remember your special day. Need more convincing? Read on for three reasons you should hire a wedding videographer.

Capture Memories

We’ve all heard the saying that your wedding day goes by in the blink of an eye. It can be hard for couples to remember every detail of the day. While photographs capture your beauty and happiness, video captures movement, sound, and interaction between people. You can hear your vows, listen to your grandmother’s laugh, relive your first kiss as a married couple and more.

Share Video With Loved Ones Who Couldn’t Make It

A wedding video is the best way to share the day with loved ones that couldn’t make it to the celebration. While it’s likely that your guests will take a few videos, the video a professional videographer can produce will be entirely different. Through beautiful shots and editing, a professional will make people feel as though they were at your wedding.  Also, the video can easily be put on Youtube or social media, making it easy to share.

You Don’t Want To Regret Opting Out

One of the biggest wedding day regrets of many married couples is that they did not invest in a videographer for a professional wedding video. If you search online for answers to the question “Should I hire a wedding videographer?” the answer is an overwhelming “YES!” Shop carefully to find a videographer that you work well with and that can create your vision within the dollars you have allocated for this aspect of your wedding. In the end, you will be happy that you can enjoy every special moment of your wedding day for all the years to come.

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