Blog Post4 Essentials For An Outdoor Fall Wedding

w411dev October 8, 2018

All the wonderful colors of the fall season and mild temperatures make for a perfect backdrop for an outdoor wedding. Whether you are tying the knot this fall or next, read on for a few easy essentials to add to your outdoor Fall wedding.

Fall Colors

If the neutrals and pastels that are dominating weddings are not your cup of tea, don’t worry. A Fall wedding is the perfect time to incorporate warmer tones. Consider dark brown, dusty pink, or deep purple for the bridesmaids’ dresses, or make your bouquet out of fall flowers such as lily of the valley, white majolica roses, sage, and basil. There are numerous ways to include seasonal colors; let your imagination run wild.

Seasonal Food & Drinks

Incorporate seasonal food favorites at your fall wedding. A great way to do this is with desserts. You can have pecan pies, carrot cake, and candied apples. Your wedding cake can also be decorated in a similar fashion. Consider seasonal drinks as well. Apple cider, mulled wine and even hot chocolate will all be perfect additions to the menu.

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Protection From The Elements

Seeing as how the weather can be unpredictable, it’s best you prepare for all outcomes. Tenting an area is always a great option, but if you are utilizing your own backyard as your venue consider the benefits of installing a retractable roof. It can protect you and your guests from rain or too much sun on the wedding day and years to come.

Warm Wraps

Depending on where you live, fall can be both warm and quite chilly. This is why you should provide your guests with warm wraps at the entrance if they haven’t brought their own. If the celebration goes well into the night, the temperatures might drop drastically, so be prepared. Additionally, you can put soft throws and blankets over each chair.

Written By: Jessie Hogarth

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