Blog Post4 Things to Know For Your Beach Wedding

wpengine May 25, 2018

Beaches offer the most romantic settings for weddings; with the calming sound of the ocean, a light sea breeze and soft sand between your feet. However, beach weddings are very different than other outdoor weddings, so there are a few things to think about if you’re planning one.

Wear Lightweight Fabrics

Instead of a classic tuxedo or ballroom wedding gown, beach wedding attire can be more lightweight and casual. Think about choosing fabric for your attire that will keep you cool and as sweat-free as possible. Some breathable fabric options are cotton, crepe, and linen.

Timing Is Everything

Mid-day heat is uncomfortable, especially when dressed up. The ideal beach nuptials take place in the morning or at sunset when the temperatures are cooler; also the beach will be less crowded during these times. Photos generally turn out breathtakingly beautiful with the help of the “golden hour”.

Have A Backup Plan

As with every outdoor wedding, a backup plan is crucial. Even if the weather forecast looks promising for sun, you never know when Mother Nature will decide to bring a surprise summer storm. It would be wise to rent a tent or make arrangements with a nearby hotel to have some peace of mind that your ceremony will take place rain or shine.

A Planner Will Make A Difference

Since most beaches are open to the public, there are a few logistics that need to be taken care. Between getting permits for areas of the beach and working around all restrictions; alcohol consumption, decorative furniture, or whatever it may be, a beach wedding takes a lot of coordination. Hiring a professional wedding planner is your best bet for a flawlessly executed event. Hire a planner that has beach wedding planning experience, so they’ll know exactly what needs to be done and get you through tricky situations. 

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