Blog Post4 Things To Put In Your Wedding Welcome Bags

wpengine April 27, 2018

Family and friends travel near and far for your big day. Some even make accommodation arrangements, so they can experience the joyous occasion with you. It’s nice to show your appreciation to your wedding guests who had to go the extra mile. A great way to do this is with a welcome bag filled with treats and useful gifts that they receive upon check-in at their accommodation destination. Continue reading to learn about the four things every wedding welcome bag should have to ensure guests feel loved, appreciated and ready to party.

Detailed Schedule

A schedule isn’t the most exciting gift, but it’s extremely helpful for wedding guests to know where they need to be and when. Once guests check in at their hotel, they may forget important details like the address or where to pick up the shuttle to the reception. While you likely included all important information on your wedding invitations, give guests another printout so they have all the addresses, the schedule and transportation details in one convenient place.

Snacks and Drinks

After a long day of traveling, your guests are bound to be tired and hungry, so make sure to add a few treats to the welcome bag! In addition to water bottles and candy, include some high energy snacks to ensure they are wide awake and ready for all your events and activities. Also, while there may be plenty of drinking at the reception, guests will always appreciate some free drinks! Include mini bottles of champagne, or a few beers from a local brewery so friends and family can make a toast to kick off the celebration

Local Gift

Whether your wedding is across the country or in your hometown, give guests a special local gift to welcome them to the area. This gift can be anything from a popular food to a piece of home decor made by the local artisans/craftsmen.

Thank You Note

It may take some extra time, but it will mean a lot to your guests if you write a heartfelt, thank you note for each welcome bag. The note doesn’t need to be too long, but your friends and family are sure to feel loved and appreciated when they see you’ve taken the time to say thank you for attending the wedding.  

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