Blog Post4 Tips For Creating A Custom Wedding Invitation

w411dev August 12, 2019

When you get engaged it’s normal to be so ‘over the moon’ happy that you want to shout that you’re getting married from the rooftops. Well, when it is time to send out your wedding invitations you are doing just that. You want it to encompass your excitement, relationship, and wedding vision all while stating the facts of the upcoming day. A way to do that is to create a custom wedding invitation that is uniquely yours. Read on for some tips on how to go about creating a custom wedding invite.

Choose Unique Shapes & Sizes

Most wedding invitations are printed on a 4.5X6.25-inch card. However, increasingly, couples are going for playful, artistic card shapes and sizes. Circular, scalloped or square cards are popular, as are textured cards. Some couples even choose to print their invitations on non-traditional mediums, such as barn wood, clear acrylic, marble, and more for that extra wow factor.

Incorporate Your Wedding Style

Many custom wedding invitation websites will let you customize fonts and choose the color of the ink, cardstock, envelope, and envelope liner. Branch out from white cardstock and black, block font, and choose colors and designs that will speak to your event. For example, going for a romantic vibe? Choose soft hues, calligraphy type font, and flower designs. Foil, trim, sparkle, and other fancy design elements can express your wedding vision. Just make sure to carry the same motifs throughout the rest of your wedding paper goods, including menus, escort cards, and ceremony programs.

Invitation & Photo by Serena Martin Design

Be Thorough But Don’t Overcrowd

Traditionally, wedding invitations list the hosts of the event and the request line first. The names of the couple are listed next, followed by the date and time, location, and reception information. A traditional format spells out all information including dates and times (ex. Saturday, the fifteenth of June, two thousand twenty at six o’clock in the evening). Couples who are choosing more modern design elements may choose to not follow that rule. If there is additional information that would be useful to your guests, consider adding a details or accommodations card.

Photo via Elegant Wedding Invites 

Add Little Details

The little details that you include in your wedding invitations are what will make it distinguishably yours. This can be anything from a custom drawn map to including a belly-band with your names, vellum wrap, or ribbon to hold all the components together. Also, choose stamps that complement your invitation design to complete the overall aesthetics.

Map by Serena Martin Design

Written By: Jackie Carrillo