Blog Post4 Tips For Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

wpengine August 17, 2018

Are you and your partner interested in writing your own wedding vows to share at your wedding ceremony? This is a romantic and special option, but sometimes it may seem challenging to sum up your thoughts and feelings into a few sentences. The following tips will help you put your emotions into words that are sure to bring tears to your partner’s eyes and strike a nerve with all your guests.

Get Inspiration From Other Vows

If you go to write your vows and turn up blank, try reading or listening to vow examples for inspiration. You can start with the traditional vows, then research different styles and formats of vows online. Some vows are humorous, some are written as poems and some simply include sharing what you love about your spouse-to-be. By researching which styles and formats you enjoy the most, you’ll see what type of writing best suits you.

Reflect On Your Relationship

Vows take time and preparation so it’s important to reflect on the entirety of your relationship with your partner. Think back to how you met, when you knew you were in love and when you knew they would be your life partner. You may remember little details that you’ve forgotten about over the years and these old feelings will help bring emotion into your writing.

Include A Few Promises

While you may want to share a few stories and praise your partner, the most important part of wedding vows are the promises you make to each other. These promises can be broad or specific and most vows include a mix of the two. For example, include a general promise that you will always comfort and support your partner, then a specific vow such as promising to say “I love you” every night. Many couples choose to include at least one humorous promise or even an inside joke, such as vowing to kill spiders in the home or to never steal the covers at night.

Practice Reading Aloud

Reading your vows aloud will help you determine if everything makes sense and flows. Something that sounded great in your head may not sound the best when read aloud giving you time to edit. You could even ask a close friend or family member to give their honest feedback, so you can make it the best it can be. Reading aloud will also help you remember your vows better, so you can make good eye contact with your partner when reciting them on the big day.

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