Blog Post5 Creative Wedding Favor Ideas To Surprise Your Wedding Guests

w411dev May 8, 2019

Everyone wants their wedding day to be memorable and thank you gifts given to your wedding guests are your chance to really leave your mark. Check out this list of wedding favor ideas that will keep guests talking for years to come.

Custom Gift Basket

One unique and creative wedding favor is a custom gift basket . Your baskets might include a variety of smaller gifts including personalized trinkets, sweets and special wedding gifts that reflect your personality and the flavor of your special day. If your guests include a wide variety of age groups, you could even offer a range of different baskets to different people or customize the baskets individually, creating bespoke baskets to suit each individual’s tastes. Your guests will be touched that you have taken the time to think of them personally. Photo via Pinterest.

Recipe Card Or Small Cookbook

For another fun and lasting memory why not give your guests thank you presents after the wedding that they can try out for a special meal at home? They will always think of you and your special day when they cook this dish and you can mix and match different recipes to suit different guests.

Handcrafted Soap

If you want to give a really special and creative wedding favor, how about something handmade? You could even make these yourself for an extra special touch. Lovely soaps appeal to guests of all ages and again you can mix and match scents and colors to suit each individual. Photo via Pinterest

Prize Drawing

Everyone loves a prize drawing and what could be more memorable than leaving your guests with the chance to win something really special or extravagant. Imagine the excitement as your guests anticipate the drawing and the winner will certainly have long-lasting, fond memories of your special day.

Ticket To A Local Attraction

For something useful as well as memorable why not give your guests more than one day to remember by sending them on a visit to a local attraction? The wedding day might be over, but guests will really appreciate this special thank you gift of a further day of fun activities to enjoy with family or friends. With lots of different activities to choose from, you could include a range of different attractions to cater for the different tastes and age groups of your guests and add a personal touch for each individual. Some attractions might have special offers for purchasing multiple tickets and you could even add to the fun by joining in yourselves.

Written By Riya Sander: Riya is an inspired writer. With her years working in marketing communication, she is delighted to work with aspiring small business owners. Connect with Riya on Twitter, @sanderriya.