Blog Post5 Easy Ways To Keep Guests Comfortable On Your Big Day

w411dev November 19, 2018

For the most part, a wedding is a time to celebrate the couple getting married. As a couple planning a wedding, you must spend a lot of time thinking about everyone else. As you fill out your guest list and choose a venue, think about the logistics of your day. When your guests arrive, what will make them comfortable? Consider the ideas laid out below for some ideas you can implement to make your guests happy, long before any food and drinks wheel out.

Get Them Good Seating

Depending on your venue, what your guests will sit on can vary. A traditional church setting may have pews available, or you might have to rent a different style of seating for your big day. Make sure the seating you choose will comfortably accommodate each of your guests — this means thinking about your guests both young and old. Cushions and seat backs, for example, can add to a guest’s initial experience.

Keep Cold Water Available

Have cold water available whether you have an indoor or outdoor ceremony. Even an indoor ceremony on a winter’s day can cause a room to heat up quickly as people file in. You’ll want to set the air to a reasonable temperature before guests are scheduled to arrive. Having bottles of water in buckets, or an obvious water spout with cups, on hand will help guests attend to their needs without having to ask someone for help.

Fight Off The Bugs

When planning an outdoor wedding, consider the amount of time your guests will sit waiting for the ceremony as well as the time spent mingling outside between the ceremony and reception. During this time, they may encounter a small encounter with seasonal bugs. You can make the bug issue disappear by providing bottles of bug spray and lighting citronella candles around where your guests will spend the most time.

Provide Plenty Of Shade

At some point during your ceremony, your guests will find themselves out in the sun, wishing they had shade. If you happen to be having an outdoor or backyard wedding, you may want to consider renting or purchasing a shade structure, such as a retractable awning or tent. These options can provide plenty of shade with little effort. Plus, after the wedding you can take the awning back home and use it to create a relaxing space in your backyard.

Always Have Snacks Out

The worst thing that can happen for guests at a wedding is to go a long time without food. Everyone looks forward to the reception, but people may have had to go without food to get to the wedding because of travel arrangements. Think about your venue and come up with a cute snack bar that can be reached before and after your ceremony. Guests will be kept happy with even the tiniest of delicious snacks.

Your wedding day is meant as a celebration for you and your fiancé but take the time to consider how your guests will enjoy the wedding as well. Keep them out of the sun and well hydrated to avoid any unhappiness and try to throw in a snack bar if you know you have some foodies in your group.

Written By Kacey Bradley

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