Blog Post5 Essentials for Wedding Skin Care

w411dev September 9, 2017

When your big day is coming up, there is hardly anything you work for as hard as you work for your looks. The one thing you absolutely must take crucial care of is your skin. The last thing you need on your wedding day is a mound of concealer to cover up an unruly pimple or gaping pores that make your skin look rough. So here are five things you must include in your skincare routine to have a radiant glow on your wedding day.

Home Remedies

Using home remedies to keep your skin looking fresh and healthy is one of the best modes of skincare available. Mother Nature has provided a natural solution for anything you want your skin to achieve. For example, you can use cucumber slices to hydrate your skin and remove dark circles from under your eyes, you can use green tea to remove wrinkles and fine lines and you can use tomatoes to close pores and relieve acne. You can look online for recipes of masks and toners you can make at home which can rival the effects of any good face masks and toners you can buy in stores.

Choosing the Right Foods

You need to skimp out on comfort food and stick to eating healthy food till the day of your wedding. This is because fried, greasy foods are one of the main reasons for acne to pop up on your face. These foods can also open up your pores and make your skin look very dull and rough. Try to choose foods that are good for the skin like olive oil and include them in your diet as much as possible.

Staying Hydrated

One of the main reasons why our skin looks dull and lifeless is because we do not hydrate ourselves properly. You must make sure to drink around eight glasses of water a day to make sure your skin does not suffer. Lack of hydration can open up pores and create dark circles under the eyes. The skin no longer remains smooth.

Knowing Your Beauty Products

You need to choose the right beauty products for your skincare regime. Do not use any product which has ingredients that your skin has adversely reacted to before. It is a great idea to choose natural and organic products over those with lots of chemicals even if you do have to spend more money on them. If you are using makeup for events before the wedding, try to use high-end brands with organic and natural ingredients so that they are gentle to your skin.

Staying Indoors

A great tip for looking gorgeous on your wedding day is by staying indoors most of the time before the wedding. Outside weather can make your skin dry or give you sunburns and unwanted tans. The dust and grime outside can cause inflammation on your skin which will result in pimples. Using sunblocks and other protective products can also make your skin break out.

Written by: Sania. Sania is a student of accounting and finance. She enjoys shopping, trying out skincare remedies, and blogging about anything that is related to beauty and self-care. Her love for pets, tea, and traveling are eternal. She posts at The Smart Women Blog.