Blog Post5 Popular Millennial Wedding Trends

w411dev March 1, 2021

Millennials are about the memories and the moments. There’s no denying that this generation has redefined the wedding industry. They are breaking the molds and reforming the pieces into the makings of new traditions. Which of these top-rated millennial wedding trends will you incorporate in your celebration?

Customized Rings

Couples these days prefer one-of-a-kind engagement rings and wedding bands that reflect their particular personalities and relationships. Diamonds aren’t a thing of the past, but they’re getting a run for their money from more colorful, exotic and affordable options, like rubies and sapphires. Rose gold, palladium, and platinum are more popular than yellow gold, and stacked sets are all the rage.

Themed Invitations

Eschewing the traditional extends to invitations as well. Millennials want invitations that tie-in with their wedding theme. DIY invites are popular and millennials support sustainable options. For example, they’ll happily upcycle old lace, burlap and dried flowers.

Out-of-the-Box Venues

Millennials find that it’s easier to design precisely what they want in unorthodox spaces like barns, beaches, flower gardens and open fields. This generation is climate-conscious and favors carbon-neutral events.

 Personalized Everything

Tying in with customized rings, millennials want everything to be personalized. This includes invites, décor, signature drinks, wedding party gifts and the list goes on.

Rollicking Receptions

Remember when wedding receptions were dry as toast, filled with droning speech after speech, interspersed with renditions of the Electric Slide and the Funky Chicken? Those days are officially over. Today, there is more focus on the party celebrating the marriage. Entertainment is key, whether it be a charismatic DJ, engaging photobooth or captivating live performance.

 Written by Tess DiNapoli