Blog Post5 Signature Drinks That Will Warm You Up At Your Fall Wedding

w411dev October 7, 2019

Every engaged couple wants their wedding to be perfect, down to the last detail. That means you’ve probably spent hours flipping through dinnerware options, color palettes, and even candle scents. The decisions you make about your wedding will be defined by things like your wedding theme and style, but also the season you’ll get married in. Fall is a perfect time of year for weddings, especially for couples looking for inspiration.

Check off another part of your wedding planning list by reading about these five signature drinks that will warm you up at your fall wedding. They’ll fit perfectly into the fall season and whatever other theme your wedding may have.

1. Pumpkin White Russian

When fall finally begins, pumpkins are one of the biggest things people get excited about. There’s nothing like celebrating fall by visiting a pumpkin patch, baking pumpkin bread, or indulging in the classic pumpkin spice latte.

If you’re crazy for all things pumpkin, you’ll definitely want to try this pumpkin white Russian. You’ll only need five ingredients to make each drink, all shaken in a tumbler, and poured into a lowball glass. Add a touch of heavy cream for a fun twist on this perfect fall wedding cocktail hour drink. Photo via

2. Apple Cider Hot Toddy

Apples are arguably just as popular as pumpkins during the fall season. When you’re not out picking them fresh from an orchard, you can add an apple cider hot toddy to your drink menu for wedding guests who want a classic drink.

Brandy, boiling water and apple cider make this a perfect warm evening drink for wedding guests who plan to dance well into the night. Throw in a cinnamon stick for a little extra flare to each glass. Photo via

3. The Lady Apple

Do you ever find yourself craving a sip of a cold apple drink? Give your guests what they want by including a Lady Apple option at your fall wedding. The flavors of a Fuji apple and sake blend perfectly, especially when the cocktail glass has a rim of cinnamon.

4. Orange Maple Whiskey Cocktail

Couples who are looking to serve whiskey at their reception don’t have to be left out of the fall drink fun. An orange maple whiskey cocktail is the fall version of an Old Fashioned, so guests are bound to be amazed. Maple syrup, orange bitters, and an orange wedge add a light sweetness to this zesty drink.

5. Spiced Red Wine Sangria

People who prefer wine can also get in on the fall drink menu at your wedding if you serve spiced red wine sangria. Apple cider, brandy and spiced red wine are the main ingredients of this delicious drink. Top it off with chopped apple slices and let it sit overnight before it’s served.Photo via

One of the most enjoyable parts of wedding planning is getting to taste test what will be served at your reception. When you’re not trying out your catering food or sampling cake slices, whip up a few of these fall drinks to see what tastes best. A fall variety on your drink menu will be the perfect addition to your reception.

Written By: Kacey Bradley 

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