Blog Post5 Tips on How to Make Your Wedding Dress Useful in the Future

w411dev October 4, 2017

You had your big day, and it was amazing: you looked beautiful, your parents cried, and your friends took hundreds of pictures. But it is now over, and you have no idea what to do with the gorgeous clothes you wore – you will clearly not wear it once more. What to do: throw it away or leave it? Here are five tips on how to make your wedding dress useful in the future.

Save It for Your Children

As banal as it may sound, save it for the kids you are going to have in the future. It does not take a lot of place in your wardrobe admit it. However, memories are eternal. Or, you can put into a small box and open it for special occasions – for your wedding anniversary, for instance!

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Donate Your Gowns

If you are not about sentimental feelings about your gown or you prefer to get rid of everything you do not use, donate your wedding dress to the charity. This is such a noble cause – to sacrifice your gown for the sake of a worthy cause, whether it is fighting cancer or raising money for the local elementary school. Someone might be happy to find the one she wants from the vintage wedding dresses years later!

Recycle Your Bridal Gowns

You can use the fabric from your bridal wear to make something completely new. You are thus saving the apparel and giving it a new life – isn’t this amazing? The most important thing is to make something you or your kids will really wear so that it reminds you of the wedding gown each time you look at this piece of clothing.

Earn Some Extra Cash

If you are about selling the old stuff, earning some extra cash for the dress you do not wear anymore is the best option. Why let the apparel sit around in your wardrobe when you could spend money it is worth on something more important? There are a lot of websites helping with selling your former bridal dresses – just google!

Use It as a Halloween Dress

Smear it with fake blood and wear your apparel for Halloween – yes, the character is pretty widespread, however, it always stays trendy! You will thus save the apparel and wear it at the very least once a year! You will not have to visit the thrift shops searching for the perfect wedding dress for Halloween – you already have one!

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Written By: Alyssa Johnson