Blog Post5 Ways To Add Personality To Your Wedding

w411dev May 21, 2018

A wedding is a joining of two individuals and the ceremony should reflect this union. Infuse your nuptials with nods to your personalities, style and interests to create a meaningful day and an event to remember.

Sometimes taking the time to reflect on your own styles, influences, and unique love story helps to alleviate the pressure that sometimes pushes couples to conform to traditions that they don’t want. Looking back at this life-changing day, you should be able to reflect on the meaningful words, significant symbols and, of course, the love you share. You should not, however, look at those pictures and see a dress you hate, a photo of a dance that was choreographed to a stagnant song or colors that were on-trend but that, style-wise, you absolutely despised.

Map out a few ways that you would like to incorporate your hobbies, interests, passions and personal style into your ceremony and reception. Then discuss your vision for how you’d like to capture both of your dynamics with vendors.

The Flowers

Flowers have different meanings, and sometimes that meaning can even change based on a flower’s hue. Not all roses have the same symbolism; red roses ignite passion, but pink blooms might symbolize happiness or sweetness. If you’re unsure about the meaning of a particular flower, The Farmer’s Almanac offers a fairly comprehensive list. You also can simply choose your own favorite flower and skip the symbolism!

Dream Theme

A wedding doesn’t have to be based on a theme, but sometimes a themed style helps capture the individual personalities of the couple. Maybe the two of you love sci-fi, the 80’s, a certain holiday or maybe a historical event. Choose a theme that ties your event together while also giving guests a window into your love story. If you’re taking your wedding into the social media realm, choose a wedding hashtag that fits your theme.

Wedding Colors

Couples sometimes choose their wedding colors based on the trends of the season. If you don’t want your wedding to look like what you see on Pinterest, choose wedding colors based on what you love. If your favorite color is purple, then infuse your ceremony with the royal hue. This doesn’t mean your bridesmaids have to wear purple gowns; you can choose a neutral hue (like grey or even camel) and incorporate purple into their bouquets. When picking colors for your wedding, you may even opt for your favorite hue paired with your partners.

Your Song

The song you dance to at your reception doesn’t have to be a slow, signature ballad. Choose something fun, funky or wild. Dance how you want to dance, and choose the song that fits your dynamic. Everyone loves an unrehearsed improvised wedding dance to a crazy song!

Décor Details

One of the simplest ways to incorporate your style into your event is through simple décor. DIY your own unique decorative touches for tables, the pews or even the board to display the seating chart. Décor can relate to your theme or just be a simple nudge to your style and personality.

Your wedding should be the perfect reflection of your love and the two of you! Choose details that pull from your style and personality to create and plan the perfect day that celebrates and begins your forever.

Written By: Naomi Shaw