Blog Post5 Ways to Fund Your Dream Wedding

Beth Kilgore April 28, 2021

Every bride wants her wedding to be perfect, but perfect comes with a price tag. Weddings are notoriously expensive even if you start with a tight budget. When you use these five ways to fund your dream wedding, you’ll get everything you dreamed about without compromising your financial life.

Check out these creative ideas to see if they’ll work for you. Trying something new could transform how you plan your wedding and make it the dreamy event you’ve been looking forward to your whole life.

1. Open a High-Yield Savings Account

Building your savings doesn’t always mean putting more money in it. Sometimes it means opening a new account that has a higher interest rate. High-yield savings accounts earn 16 times more money than the national average, even when rates are down. Compare local and national banks so your account pays you back with additional interest as you continue to save for your wedding.

2. Refinance Your Mortgage

Tap into your home’s equity by refinancing your mortgage. You could get a lower monthly payment that gives you a few extra hundred dollars to put towards your wedding. After your big day, you will still retain your new mortgage payments. That is free money you can use for whatever newlywed adventures await you and your spouse.

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3. Sell Older Belongings

If you have older belongings like heirlooms or antiques, get them appraised. You’ll sell them for what they’re worth instead of getting a lower price on a bidding site.

Don’t settle for any antique dealer or consignment shop. You’ll get a better deal after establishing a personal relationship with your appraiser. Look for professionals with great reviews to meet with someone who provides a proper evaluation the first time you visit.

4. Restructure Your Budget

You might struggle to save money for your wedding because you’re working with an old budget. Try restructuring it if you haven’t updated it in a while. Note how often you make impulse purchases, travel and go out for dinner. You can always cut back on those things until your wedding’s over.

People also notice other types of overspending when they make new budgets. The monthly subscription services you thought were a good deal could cost up to $1,900 each year, even if you rarely use them. That could easily cover a photographer’s fee or part of your wedding dress. The little things add up, so look for all types of spending and rework your budget to convert them into savings.

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5. Do Your Own Makeup

An extra step you could take to decrease the amount you are spending on your wedding could be to do your own hair, makeup and even give yourself your own pedicure and/or manicure. If there is a service you were planning on spending money on, it may be cheaper and even more enjoyable to test your DIY skills for your wedding beauty routine.

 You’ll save a little extra cash without arranging appointments that you could simply do yourself.

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Fund Your Dream Wedding with Creative Ideas

You’re ready to fund your dream wedding with these five tips that maximize your savings. Whether you sell a few antiques or end a few subscriptions, you’ll get the money you need to plan your dream wedding without compromising on any details.

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