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wpengine May 05, 2017

First Things First

Make sure you know what you’re doing. Planning a vacation can take a lot of time when you consider finding the best travel options, the nicest hotels, what you’ll do when you get to your destination, and even where you’ll eat while you’re there. You won’t be alone in hiring a travel agent. The American Society of Travel Agents books around 144 million vacations each year. Get some help before you start spending money—you’re guaranteed to be in good hands.

Another reason to consider getting a travel agent is that you’ll have more to think about than just reserving a hotel room. What happens if your flight cancels just days before you leave? You’ll be preoccupied with preparing for departure, but a travel agent would be ready to get you on a new flight. The biggest benefit to getting an agent is that they’re flexible. They’ll know what to look for and how to handle any issues that may come up, so you’ll just have to think about all the relaxation you’ll get.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Going to the beach is a crowd-pleaser vacation for nearly everybody, and if you want to visit one unlike any other, check out Punta Cana. All-inclusive resorts sit on white sand beaches, with spas and golf courses not far from your beach umbrella. It’s also a fantastic place to go if you want a cheap flight. Ask your travel agent or do some research to find out what it’d cost to get you and the person you love to 20 miles of beach that’ll make you feel like a whole new person.


Windstar Cruises

One of the best ways to see new places for a great price is to consider going on a cruise. Windstar Cruises provides one of the best ways to sail the seas. With less than 300 people on each spacious ship, you and your special someone will be able to see Greece or the Caribbean islands while docking in more private harbors. You’ll be pampered and rested without sticking out as a sore thumb tourist or having to fight large crowds to get off the ship. Talk about refreshing!

Queenstown, New Zealand

Maybe your idea of a getaway is something that will equally rest up and thrill you, try traveling to Queenstown, New Zealand. After stretching out in a nice hotel, you’ll have the option to ride horses, hike, go white-water rafting or even go bungee jumping. The world’s highest cliff jump also sits in Queenstown at 358 feet above the Nevis River. If you’re feeling the need for an adrenaline rush, New Zealand has you covered.

Bora Bora, Tahiti, French Polynesia

If your idea of a wedding anniversary is one of luxury, look no further than Bora Bora. It’s one of French Polynesia’s 118 Islands in the South Pacific Ocean, and it’ll give you an experience like no other vacation spot. You’ll get to stay in a bungalow that stands just over the emerald ocean and unmarked white sand beaches, where stairways off your room lead straight down into warm waters. It’ll cost more than the average vacation spot, but many would agree that it’s worth it.

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The Seychelles is a popular vacation spot because of all the celebrities that visit it each year. The 115 islands in the western Indian Ocean are known for having amenities that span from being ultra-luxurious to being more laid-back, such as bungalows. Prince William and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge even honeymooned there after they got married in 2011. With options that range from snorkeling to nature tours, the Seychelles is a great place to celebrate love.

When it comes time to celebrate being married, or even if you’re planning a honeymoon, picking the perfect spot to vacation at is essential to having a good time. Once you pick a destination, all you have to do is bring your special person along and you’ll make memories that will be almost as good as the love you share. Just make sure to do your research, and don’t be afraid to ask a travel agent for help!


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