Blog Post6 Nontraditional Features To Add To Your Wedding

w411dev July 9, 2018

The best way to have fun and organize an unforgettable wedding celebration is to incorporate innovative ideas into your plans that will depict your personality. Find inspiration in the below, nontraditional wedding ideas to make a unique celebration that everybody is going to remember!

Alternative Wedding Photo Albums

If you are keen on an outdoor micro wedding a great way to entertain your guests and get a unique wedding photo album all at once is to rent a vintage-like photo booth and leave a box with various props next to it. Inspire your guests to take goofy photos and improvise with props. You could also leave a Polaroid-Instant camera at each table with plenty of film and let your guest have fun capturing the ceremony from their point of view.

Edible Invitations For Sweet-Tooths

Opt for a non-traditional edible wedding invitation and surprise your guests with pre-wedding sweets. Print customized chocolate packages or labels with all the info on them – your guest will surely be delighted to receive the invite!

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Confetti Explosion

Tired of the same old wedding programmes – don’t worry, you can turn yours into confetti! This is a fun way to show your uniqueness plus your guests can play with the confetti and have them on hand to toss after the ceremony. Print the details on a clear envelope stacked with colorful confetti and glitter and voila! An explosion of colors!

Outdoor Cocktail Bar

An outdoor wedding party is perfect for summer weddings so choose a unique venue, opt for an outdoor bar (a portable bar hire Sydney is also an amazing option!) improvise a dance floor and dance, dance, dance! Offer colorful cocktails for the party and enjoy the celebration as much as your guests will without thinking about serving!

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Attire That Depicts Your Personality

Wearing a wedding dress is not your cup of tea? Well, don’t wear it! It is your big day and you should make it the way you want to! Choose a black dress, white spaghetti strap dress, separates, wear a power tux or pick a bright pink jumpsuit – whatever makes you feel good!

Comfortable Shoes

Ditch your heels and grab a good old pair of Chucks. Customize them, add a few details and make a unique pair of shoes for your big day. Or combine a brightly colored pair of sneakers with your wonderful white wedding dress, if you’re a bit edgy and love experimenting. Let’s be honest, your feet will thank you and you will be able to dance all night long, celebrating your love!

Written By: Jessie Hogarth. She is a passionate blogger and home designer. She loves writing about tips and tricks that make every home a better place, inside and outside. Besides this, she loves sports, outdoor activities and planning the most amazing parties. Visit her on Facebook & Twitter.