Blog Post6 Tips To Get In Shape One Month Prior To Your Wedding

w411dev May 15, 2019

Preparing for your wedding can be a bit challenging but certainly worth it. There are different things that you need to give up and there are those that you need to add to your daily routine. You are not only preparing yourself physically, this is also an emotional preparation. To help you go through this exciting phase in your life, below is some advice from James Kojian for your one month wedding preparation:

Set Up a Goal for Caloric Needs For The Month

Many people believe they will look their best on their wedding day if they have clear skin and a toned physique. Diet and exercise are said to be the secret to both. During the final month of wedding preparation set up a goal for your caloric needs. Try your best to maintain your weight and implement healthy habits that in turn may help you lose a few pounds.

Try to Avoid Bakery and Oily Products

There is a special reason why it is recommended for you to avoid bakery and oily products. Oily products and excess sugar may become a reason for acne breakouts. This is one thing that you would never want to deal with, especially during your big day. To avoid this, choose natural food and lessen your consumption of processed food.

Reduce or Stop Alcohol and Caffeine

Alcohol and caffeine can induce stress and other negative vibes that you do not need during your planning. They can also affect your sleeping patterns and trigger anxiety. Reduce or stop your consumption of both and add drinking more water in their place. Fruit infused water is always a fun twist on this essential.

Avoid Junk Food and Focus on Home Cooking

When you are stressed you may want to reach for junk foods, but don’t! There are different ways you can avoid eating junk food even if you are craving it. Home cooking is one of the simple ways because you will be conscious of ingredients, salt levels etc. Another way is to substitute junk food snacks with fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are good for the body because of its high nutrient content. If you are striving for clear skin and weight watching, eating fruits is a natural way for you to get to those wedding goals.

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Try to be a Friend with Regular Exercise

There are different reasons why you need to exercise daily before your wedding day. First, you would surely want to have that perfect shape for your gown or formal wear. Exercise can help you burn more calories and decrease fat. Second, exercise can help you achieve fitness and good health. Third, exercise will also help you increase your happy hormones.

Motivate Yourself by Hanging Pictures Near Your Fridge

With the different preparations that you need to do before the wedding, it can be very challenging and stressful at times. The feeling of excitement can be coupled with the feeling of doubt and anxiety. To keep yourself focused on the goal, you can think of simple ways to motivate yourself. One thing that you can do is to hang pictures of you and your partner near the fridge. This way, you will be able to see the reason for all these necessary preparations. Nothing beats this kind of motivation.

Aside from the enumerated tips to get in shape, relaxing is one of the most important things that you need to consider when you are preparing for your big day. If you want to look great, you must take time to relax and do things that can help you get to your core. Don’t sweat the small stuff and remember to enjoy this phase of your life.

Written By: Jessica Ann