Blog Post6 Wedding Favors To Give Your Wedding Guests

w411dev December 10, 2018

As your wedding day gets closer you start to iron out all the final details. Included in this are the wedding favors that you will gift your guests. Below are some fun and useful options to consider.


Parasols are a perfect wedding favor if you’re getting married on a summer’s day and the ceremony is taking place outside. As the darling buds of May are bathing in the sunshine, your guests will be able to hide from it. For an additional bonus, choose designs that compliment your wedding, this makes for spectacular photos.

Paper Fans

Paper fans are another good idea for weddings taking place in warmer months. Have fun personalizing these wedding favors to match your theme or décor. For example, if you are in a tropical destination, do a pineapple design or if your theme is “Alice In Wonderland” have the white rabbit’s face on them.


If you’re a couple who loves music consider mini tambourines, which guests can use during the ceremony and reception. This is a charming compliment to your personalities that your guests will enjoy. If you’re a couple who’s skilled in handiwork, you may consider some DIY options for added sentiment. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that you’ll be saving a bit of cash while you’re at it.

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Scented Candles

Candles are associated with romance, relaxation and weddings. You can’t go wrong with this wedding favor. Add a bit of customization (a bow in your wedding colors, attached thank you note, your initials & wedding date) to tie in your celebration. It would be nice to do an assortment of scents. A popular scent is lavender, and you could even include lavender flowers with it. Lavender is used for a variety of things, from aromatherapy to sleep aid. It’s beautiful, smells great and useful at the same time.

Something Sweet

You can never go wrong with sweets. Your wedding guests might be craving a midnight snack and something sweet could hit the spot. Options are endless; chocolate bars, s’mores, mini cupcakes, macarons. Consider having your initials written on your macarons or cupcakes for a sweet touch. Sweets are also a good idea if you want to give special gifts to your attendants. They might enjoy fancy gift baskets with chocolate and wine.


Miniature potted plants are not only cute, but also environmentally friendly. Research plants that are low maintenance and that will last quite some time. If you want to go for extra uniqueness, you can put them into teacups, or even make a teacup garden. They are beautiful, original, and there are so many options. No two teacups are the same, so each of your guests will go home with a unique little wedding favor.

Written By: Sarah Jessica Smith

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