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w411dev September 24, 2018

Every year, you have to think about what to give the people you love for holidays where gift giving is a must. There are major holidays and birthdays to think about, and every once in a while, you’ll find a wedding invitation in your mailbox.Wedding gifts are a bit different than any other time you’d give a gift. You have to think of something personalized to the couple that will remind them of their wedding and help them celebrate it in the coming years.

If you’re going to a fall wedding this year, don’t feel worried about what you should get the married couple. Read on for inspiration to help you figure out what fall-themed gift you can bring to any upcoming wedding.

Fall-Themed Cookbook

Some people wait until after they’re married to move in together, and others live together before. It’s all about what works best for them, but when people get married, there are often little things that change that they should enjoy.

Cooking for each other becomes more special once you’re married, which is when a fall-themed cookbook would come in handy. The couple can celebrate their marriage and continue to revel in the fall season they love. Pick a cookbook with foods you’d think they’d like. Stews, soups and desserts should be emphasized in any fall cookbook.

Personalized Pumpkin Decor

Some things change each season, like what people will dress up as for Halloween or what recipes are popular online. One thing that will always stay the same is that pumpkins belong in fall. They can be carved, cooked and baked into whatever you like, and they’re used for decoration all the time.

Put together a group of three to four differently sized plastic pumpkins. Invest in the ones that look realistic, so they’ll last over the years. Then you can put a decal on the pumpkin that will celebrate the couple’s wedding! Stick their wedding date, their married name or even icons from their wedding theme on the pumpkins. They’ll be able to decorate with them each year and always be reminded of their special day.

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Acorn Salt and Pepper Shakers

The best gifts are the ones that are useful. No one can throw out something they were given that they can use every day! That’s why themed salt and pepper shakers are a good gift. They’ll sit out on the table during the whole season and be used with every meal.

Look for ones shaped into fall-themed things, like acorns. Acorn salt and pepper shakers come in many different shapes and sizes. They can be gold or bronze, or you could paint them yourself. They’re a subtle decoration that’ll be appreciated and adored at sit-down meals.

Autumn Leaf Bottle Nightlight

One of the things that is so great about fall is that it’s cozy. The weather is cool but not cold, so you can break out your favorite sweaters and socks and enjoy being outside without freezing. Emphasize the coziness of the season by making an autumn leaf bottle nightlight for a wedding gift.

The newly married couple can set up the lighting while they watch a movie or eat dinner. It’ll set the cozy mood while keeping any room decorated with a fall theme. Deck out any bottle with leaves and ribbons, then fill it with orange fairy lights for a quick and thoughtful gift.

S’mores Gift Bag

Campfires and fall go hand-in-hand, so at some point, your newly married friends are going to hang out by a campfire under the stars together. The only thing that could make that scene more perfect would be for them to have s’mores supplies, which also make a great gift!

Wrap chocolate bars, graham crackers and marshmallows in a cute bag and lay them in a basket next to a cozy blanket and marshmallow roasting sticks. Your friends will have everything they need if they find themselves wanting to make some s’mores.

Rustic Wooden Picture Frames

Married couples always have a ton of pictures to go through after their photographer sends them their final session, so get ahead of the game by giving them rustic wooden picture frames. Rustic wood pieces are great for fall, and they’re also able to fit into almost any interior design scheme — bonus points if you know where they’re going to live and can pick a wood color to match what they already own.

Pumpkin Bottle Opener

If you’re handy with wood-working tools, this is a great gift for you to give. Cut a piece of wood into the shape of a pumpkin and attach a bottle opener to it. Paint the front of your wood pumpkin, and once it’s dry, glue a magnet on the back. Your married friends can hang it on their porch and never have to worry about losing a bottle cap in the grass.

Picnic Basket and Accessories

Your almost-married friends are probably planning a honeymoon together, so why not give them an excuse to have a picnic date while they’re away? Find a cute covered basket and stock it full of picnic supplies. Utensils, a blanket, napkins and plates are a good start. You could also put a gift card in there to a grocery store they might be close to while they’re away, so they don’t have to worry about buying the food themselves.

Fall weddings are popular because it’s a gorgeous time of year to get married. The scenery is changing color, and the temperature outside isn’t too hot. As a guest, it presents the fun challenge of figuring out which fall-themed gifts would be best for your friends. See if any of these might be good for you to give at the next fall wedding you attend!

Written By: Kacey Bradley

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