Blog PostA Guide To Being The Perfect Bridesmaid

w411dev June 25, 2021

It is the day every girl dreams of and because you play a major role in her life, you are a big part of it. Other than the bragging rights, there’s a lot more to being a bridesmaid from the emotional support to the stress of preparing and planning the shower and bachelorette party. We have a few tips to make your job a whole lot easier for you to be the perfect bridesmaid.

Be Present

The best parts of being a bridesmaid would be helping the bride choose her dream dress and finding your dress too. A lot goes on, and the bridal party is often exhausted, but it’s important not to slack on bridesmaids duties when it comes to being emotionally there for the bride. Check on her with a quick “How are you holding up” text or invite to a low key hangout like dinner or a walk.

Be A Team Player

Disagreements amongst bridesmaids often happen. Ask yourself frequently if arguing over the outfit color or jewelry you will wear on the day will make a difference to the bride the day of. Remember that it is all about her and arguing over bridesmaids attire will only cause her more stress, making you, by definition, a bridesmaid-zilla.

Don’t Get Wasted

Enjoying a few drinks on these days is completely fine but don’t overdo it. When you are inebriated, you run the risk of not being able to meet the needs of the bride.

Gift Giving

We all know that the bride gets all kinds of gifts on her bachelorette, shower and wedding day. But you, as the bridesmaid, need to make sure that you give her something special, not a spatula or oven mitts. Below are some ideas for the perfect gift:

A honeymoon survival kit

Decide on small gifts your bride will most need on her honeymoon and then assign each of these gifts to a bridesmaid. Consult a recently married friend on the things they used most on their honeymoon, or wish they had packed.

Laser Hair Removal

Every bride has her preferred bikini wax style. We cannot think of a more sustainable and valuable gift to give a bride than laser hair removal. Not only does it offer a stress-free solution to ingrown hair or annoying rashes due to waxing, but it also gives her permanent hair reduction. She won’t even have to take her razor with her on honeymoon.

A surprise on the honeymoon

Find out where they will be enjoying their week away and give them something memorable. Phone the hotel/resort and surprise your bride with room service, a spa day for 2, a wine tasting, a snorkelling excursion or you can even hire two bicycles for them to explore.

Take Photos

Photos are one of the most important wedding elements for a bride. Even if the bride is not the center of attention type, we can guarantee you, she will want her wedding events to be documented.

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