Blog PostHow To Arrange Your Ideal Destination Wedding

w411dev June 27, 2018

Couples marry in a different city or another hemisphere for various reasons. Sometimes it is to be close to relatives, while other times it is purely out of a desire to say vows in a spectacular and dreamlike scenery. Whatever your reason, you want it to be flawless and unforgettable; but arranging a destination wedding is slightly different than planning the whole thing in your hometown. Here are a few guidelines on how to plan your ideal destination wedding.

Choose The Right Destination

Unless you and your partner already know the exact destination, narrow down your choices and turn ‘’somewhere in Europe’’ into Italy or France, or ‘’somewhere warm’’ into a specific place on Earth. Do it accordingly to your style, bucket list destinations, budget, and remoteness. However, be open to reconsidering the location if it takes too many transfers . You want to make the traveling experience for you and your guests as comfortable and convenient as possible.

Have Your People On The Spot

Organizing from afar and doing all the work by yourself, means relying on online photos, emails, and phone calls. It can be nerve-wracking. Needless to mention, but still, there will be mix-ups and mishaps, especially if there is a language barrier or if you communicate with people in another time zone. Sydney offers beautiful views, attentive wedding planners, and plenty of wedding packages.

Send Invitations Timely

Make a guest list and inform your guests about your wedding destination few months before your big day. Send official invitations at least three months before the wedding and ask for RVSP. Understand that traveling to a destination location to attend a wedding takes a lot of planning too since guests might need to take days off work or book flights.

Take Care Of Your Guests

Keep in mind that your guests will have to pause their daily life and travel to the remote location where they’ll be staying for two or more days. Do your best to keep guests entertained and offer them some interesting activities, aside from the rehearsal dinner. Ideas include: local food and drink tastings, sight seeing tours or native shows.

Be Familiar With Local Laws & Customs

Do your homework and find out what are the local dos and don’ts. Ask if you can utilize outside vendors or your desired officiant in the country. Inform your guests on local laws, customs, and/or dress codes so everyone can be respectful and mindful of the place and locals.

Written By: Jasmine Anderson