Lauren & Gino: 10.16.21 Real Wedding

Our wedding venue was my family’s 110-acre horse farm in Harford County. I wanted to have it there so my horse, Parker, could be a part of our day. My husband and family were in full support of making my dream wedding come true. I couldn’t have had such a magical day without them.

The little details were very important to my husband and me. We wanted to tie in our love for our family and dining together through family-style dining. We had a fire pit with blankets and s’mores for those who wanted a cozy place to chat.

I also had touches of my passion for horses throughout the wedding from the horseshoe table numbers to the leather piece place cards for the head table that resembles a piece of a bridle. I also had signature drinks named after my horse and our dog.

Due to the weather we had to make a shift to having our entire wedding take place under our tent. This caused a lot of stress the day before but my florist was amazing! She took my vision and created an enchanted garden under the tent. We even were able to create an entrance using old doors and greenery (this was very important to me since my grandfather started his own door company over 60 years ago)

Different than the traditional father/daughter dance I had a family/daughter dance. I danced with my grandfather, stepfather, and three uncles who all have played a significant role in my life. My Uncle and Godfather, Sean, was also our officiant.

There was so much love filling that tent, it truly was the best day filled to the brim with love and fun.

Wedding Coordinator: Christine McFarlane Events
Photographer: Kimberly Dean Photos 
Videographer: Adam Green Creative
Bakery: Meringue Cake Studio
Florist: Stacy Bowen Floral Design
Hair: Color by Allie
Makeup: Makeup by Kaitlin
DJ: DJ Victor T
Catering: Lib’s Grill
Rentals: White Glove Rentals
Tent: Eastern Shore Tents
Wedding Dress Designer: Martina Liana
Bridesmaids Dress Designer: Wtoo by Watters
Bridal Salon: Betsy Robinson’s Bridal
Invitations: Minted
Jeweler: Ricardo’s Gems & Jewelry
Formal Wear: Tuxedo House

4 Common Wedding Traditions and Why They are Done

Weddings are often made up of multiple age-old traditions which have changed over time. Whether you are fully incorporating these traditions, taking your own twist on them, or ignoring them altogether, learn about the history behind these 4 common traditions and why they are done!

Why are Wedding Rings Worn on the Fourth Finger of the Left Hand?

Photo from Smyth Jewelers

The western tradition of wearing a wedding ring is so well-known that we refer to our fourth finger as our “ring finger” way before we ever get engaged. But why?

In ancient times, the fourth finger was thought to have a vein that led directly to the heart. This was called Vena Amoris, or vein of love. It is speculated that this belief originated in ancient Egypt. The idea of a direct vein running from the finger to the heart has since been disproved, however the tradition of ring placement has not changed.

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Why is There a Wedding Rehearsal?

The wedding rehearsal is a tradition that gathers family members and the wedding party to prepare for the upcoming ceremony. The rehearsal can involve a run-through of the ceremony and events to occur the day of the wedding. This private celebration gives the couple a chance to thank their guests, and they may give out gifts during this time. It also allows family and friends to get to know each other prior to the ceremony. 

It isn’t known when exactly the tradition of wedding rehearsals began. However, it is often attributed to the trend of elaborate weddings that began in the 1820s. Before then, weddings were held in an intimate setting with fewer guests and in one’s own home, so there was no need for a rehearsal.

Why Do We Hand Out Wedding Favors?

Photo from MFG Toffee & Bark Company

It is believed that wedding favors started in France, where upper class individuals would gift wedding guests with luxurious treats. In Greece, sugared almonds were often gifted to guests inspired by the tale of Demophon, these treats represented the ups and downs found in marriage.

Even now, it is not unusual to see Jordan Almonds at a wedding in honor of this tradition. Today, couples utilize these favors to give thanks to their guests. Wedding favors can include anything from glasses, to candles, to pictures, to sweets, to blankets, and everything in between.

Why Do They Toss The Bouquet & Garter?

The wedding garter is worn on either leg above the knee. Traditionally, weddings will have a Garter Toss during the reception. This involves the  groom taking the garter off the bride and throwing it for the guests to catch. The tradition started in Medieval England, where it was seen as good luck to have a piece of the bride’s clothes. Guests would often get unruly in trying to obtain a piece of cloth from the bride, therefore, in an effort to appease guests, the bride and groom started the tradition of tossing the bouquet and garter.

Modern weddings seem to be following this tradition less and less.  Some brides wear a garter but do not toss it. Some brides skip the removal-part and keep a spare garter to toss, and some skip it altogether.