5 Aerial Shots You Must Get at Your Wedding

Really, its all about angles.  Scope out your venue for places that lend themselves to a view from above.  Is there a balcony or deck that your photographer can stand on while your guests are down below?  Do you have access to rooms with windows on the upper floors of the venue?  If you’re determined to get the perfect shot, bring your photopher to the venue and ask for their help in planning the perfect location.

A photo of your bridesmaids from above is a sweet way to capture all of your girls together.  This can be achieved by simply having the girls lie on the (clean) floor or a bed in the bridal suite.  The photographer can stand above them, on a chair or ladder if necessary, and angle down.



A sparkler exit looks great in an aerial view.  Choose an area of your venue with a window or balcony above it for your photographer to stand.



As long as your photographer is willing, you can discuss the possibility of recreating a photo like this outdoors.  A tall ladder can provide the proper angle anywhere.



A grand staircase provides a natural perspective for aerial photos.  Ask your photographer to play with the angles to get some interesting and artistic shots.



Asking your guests to pose for a group photo is a perfect thank you card!  Your photographer can stand on a balcony or elevated deck and look down.  Arranging them in a heart shape adds a special touch.


All images via Pinterest

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