5 Tips for Picking Wedding Jewelry You’ll Love

When it comes to getting your look together for your wedding, all eyes are on the dress. And, if you already said “yes” to yours, congratulations — you’ve gotten the most important part settled.

Still, there’s much left to decide, and you just might find the littlest details are the toughest to sort out. Accessorizing a wedding dress is tough not only because you want your jewelry to match the gown, but also because it must look good with that very bling-y ring on your left hand.

If you need help choosing your wedding jewelry, don’t worry: we’ve got the following five tips to make the process a bit easier and to make your wedding day look feel cohesive, glamorous and picture-perfect. 

1. Consider the Gown’s Neckline

For a more technical approach to picking jewelry, consider the cut of your dress and find pieces known to go with that style. For example, a strapless, straight-across neckline is basically a blank canvas. A statement earring or shiny collar necklace would juxtapose the gown’s simplicity. On the other hand, a scoop neckline would require a more delicate approach — stud earrings, a tiny pendant necklace — because the cut of the dress is a statement itself.



2. Match Your Metals

This doesn’t mean you must wear all gold, silver or rose gold on your big day. Instead, it turns out you can highlight your wedding dress with jewelry such as pairing shades of white with certain metallic hues.

For example, classic gold is softened just enough next to an ivory gown, while bright white shines even more with the right piece of white gold or platinum jewelry. Champagne-colored dresses are accentuated by gold, as blush are by rose-gold. Oh, and a diamond white gown can do it all: silver, gold and rose gold match with this fabric color.

3. Envision the Entire Look

It may sound a bit overwhelming to hear, but jewelry should be the icing on the cake as far as your wedding day look is concerned. Figure out how you’ll wear your hair, if you’ll wear a veil, etc., before you go shopping for jewelry.

Imagine, for example, you choose to wear loose, dreamy waves on your wedding day, but you’ve already bought dramatic drop earrings to wear, too. The combination could be too much — or your hair will block out your beautiful baubles entirely. Pairing your hair with your accessories is one piece of the puzzle, but it’s an important one to solve before you buy anything.



4. Imagine Re-Wearing Your Purchases

As you know, you’re only going to get to wear your wedding dress once — in public, anyway. The jewelry you buy to go with it, though, can be worn again, and again, and again.

Take care when buying your jewelry to consider if the pieces you want are wedding accessories you can pair with other pieces in your wardrobe. This doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be casual or common — even fancy jewelry can be versatile. A diamond cuff, for example, goes just as well with a wedding gown as it does with a sleek, otherwise all-black ensemble you wear to the office. And, for a bonus, you’ll remember your wedding every time you wear it.

5. When in Doubt, Go Simple

You spent so much time choosing your dress for a reason: you want it to look perfect on you. You are more important than the accessories or even the dress you wear, and you don’t want anything you put on to take away your shine on your big day. So, choose your accessories wisely so that they’re just enough accentuate your bridal look without drawing too much attention to your wedding-day bliss — you deserve the spotlight, not your baubles.

In the end, the choice, of course, is entirely up to you. Wear what makes you feel best — how happy you are on the inside will shine through on the outside, which is probably the most important accessory you can rock on your big day.  


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