6 Seafood Menu Ideas That Are Perfect for Every Kind of Wedding

Your guests might not have seafood very often, so serving them a seafood dish might be the perfect treat for them! Plus, you can incorporate seafood into the cocktail hour, appetizers or the main course. For your guests who are picky eaters, there are some easy ways to modify these seafood dishes to please everybody.

Seafood dishes aren’t just for summer weddings or beach weddings either. These dishes will complement any menu at any wedding, including yours! Think about including one or more of these as you are planning your special day.

1. Smoked Salmon Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? A fun and tasty twist on a classic pizza pie is a smoked salmon pizza. These pizzas can be served by the slice so that they are easy for your guests to pick up and eat without getting messy or even needing a plate. Smoked salmon pizza would be great if served during cocktail hour, but it would be great as a part of the main course as well. You can even include a few regular cheese pizzas if you are having children attend your wedding. Then everybody will be happy!

2. Clam Chowder

Serving soup as an alternative or addition to a salad is always a nice option at a wedding. There is a huge variety of seafood soups you could choose to have at your wedding, one of these being clam chowder. Clam chowder is a known and loved recipe among seafood eaters, so your guests will be pleased to find it on the menu. If your family is big into eating seafood, you may even want to have a cook-off to decide whose recipe you use! This would be a great way to get everyone involved in the wedding plans. Other ideas for a seafood soup include lobster bisque and seafood stew with fish and vegetables.

3. Sushi

While sushi isn’t a typical wedding dish, it’s a huge crowd pleaser. People love sushi and there are so many creative ways to serve sushi at a wedding! For instance, you could feature a hand-rolled sushi station where guests can make their own sushi and have it rolled right in front of them! This is a fun way to incorporate sushi into your cocktail hour and your guests will love being able to put together their own creation. You could also serve a roll of sushi on top of a small bowl of Asian noodles for a delicious appetizer or come up with fancy ways to serve pre-made sushi rolls in order to dress up the plate.

4. Lobster Macaroni

The ultimate comfort food with a fancy twist! Lobster macaroni and cheese is an elegant and delicious addition to any buffet or entrée meal. With fresh lobster meat, pasta and creamy cheese sauce, this dish will be a hit at your wedding. This could also easily be transformed for young kids by excluding the lobster and serving them plain old homemade macaroni and cheese, just how they like it.

5. Paella

Fresh seafood paella makes a great dinner option for wedding guests because it’s tasty and goes great with wine, which there will probably be plenty of. For an even more exciting option, have a chef freshly cooking the paella at a station to order. This will make your guests feel special and ensure that they will have hot and delicious food. Plus, this station could be part of larger buffet so that everyone can eat what they want.

6. Seafood Gumbo

For a rich and hearty wedding meal, serve seafood gumbo complete with seafood stock, vegetables and of course, seafood! Gumbo takes the best seafood like shrimp, crab and oysters and puts them all together. A bowl full of seafood gumbo will make your guests feel right and home and leave them feeling satisfied.

When planning your wedding menu, don’t forget to add the seafood! No matter what season your wedding is in or what your theme is, a seafood dish will always fit perfectly into the menu. 


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