6 Skin Care Tips for Brides to Be

With one of the biggest days of your life coming up, there are more than enough things to worry about. From flower arrangements, the color scheme of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and choosing reception songs – its easy to forget about yourself, the bride, and what you need. Skin care in particular often tends to get overlooked and neglected in the grand scheme of planning and excitement, so its best to prioritize it! 

Here are six skincare tips for all brides-to-be! 

1. Be mindful of sun exposure and apply sunscreen daily

This isnt just a bridal beauty tip; this is something to take care of every single day. Every morning before you go outsidebe sure to put SPF 30 sunscreen or more on your face and body. Even if youre going out for an hour to run some errands, your skin is still exposed to the UV rays and sunscreen prevents you from developing any unwanted sunspots or burns. If you have any existing sun damage, its highly recommend you take care to use products with antioxidants or consume food that is highly concentrated with it to reverse the effects.


  1. 2. Thoroughly cleanse your face every day

Throughout the day, oil, residue, and dirt build up on our faces – even if were not wearing makeup! In the morning and night cleanse and rejuvenate your face with a cleanser you love, toners that brighten your cheeks, and serums and moisturizers that make your skin hydrated and supple. Long-term thorough cleansing routines guarantee youll have a photo-ready face throughout the entire ceremony and reception. Get every inch of makeup and dirt off your face, we mean it! 

  1. 3. Indulge in facials and masks

This is where you can make an excuse to treat yourself to a facial or two. You dont necessarily need to splurge on a luxurious one (unless you want to) because lets be honest, the spa is great! Alternatively, you can also make your own facials at home to save money and have fun experimenting with all-natural ingredients (we recommend a combo of honey, lemon, and mint to tame dryness and redness). Long-term use of facials and masks combined with your already pristine cleansing routine will also dramatically decrease signs of aging, prevent wrinkles, and keep your skin chronically young.

  1. 4. Pay attention to what youre eating!

While indulging in a piece of cake or take out once in a while wont hurt, its important to pay attention to your diet. Because what you eat affects your skin just as much as the products you use on it. Its said everywhere, but eat your fruits, vegetables and lean protein – your skin, organs, body, and mental health with thank you. Plus, if you keep up a healthy diet along with exercise, youll feel fantastic rocking your stunning wedding dress. 

  1. 5. Take the extra step to exfoliate your skin weekly

Exfoliating your skin is vital to keeping it glowing and bright as the sun. By removing excess dead skin cells by scrubbing them away, youre able to unclog pores and allow room for new skin cells to develop. In addition to that, exfoliating prevents your skin from looking dull and tired, and instead makes it look brighter and fresh.

  1. 6. Avoid touching your face and keep your hair out of it

This is a great tip to remember if you have a habit of touching your face often or always have hair brushing against your forehead or cheeks. There is always going to be a lot of oil build-up from our hair and fingertips, considering our hair and skin consistently produces natural oil and sebum. Furthermore, we may forget to wash our hands and suddenly we might be scratching out face without even thinking about it! Also, think of this tip as a habit to develop because acne has the ability to flare up from unwanted dirt and oil build-up in our pores!


Written By: Emily Walters 

Image Source: www.pexels.com

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