6 Ways to Successfully Fall “Off” Trend with Your Wedding

The Dress of a Different Color

If white leaves you feeling unenthused, try a few colored wedding dresses. Champagne and soft blush colors are becoming more popular, but even purples and floral prints can leave your wedding guests blissfully stunned as you walk down the aisle.

Choosing a colored wedding dress may seem daunting, but even though the practice isn’t mainstream there are still plenty of shops and designers who keep unique gown choices in their collections.

Unique Blooms

Flowers are nice, but there are other options available that won’t wilt. If you’re a DIY bride, you may find joy in making your own flowers out of paper, fabric or other fun items. Or if you have a collection of pretty pins or heirloom jewelry, you can create an extra sparkly bouquet that incorporates “something old.”

Theme It Up

Themed weddings aren’t new, but they can be perfect for celebrating you and your partner’s personalities. Your imagination is the limit, though it may be a good idea to do some research to see what worked and what didn’t for similarly-themed weddings. Going overboard with gimmicky decorations, favors or outfits may make your wedding more of a party than a celebration of you two coming together.

You can also spin current trends to make them more unique for you. For example, “rustic” weddings have been very popular, but definitely overdone. Instead, try incorporating a shabby chic theme, which is a mixture of styles that ends with same relaxed feeling as a scenic barnyard venue without all burlap and mason jars.

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I Vow to Not Be Boring

Pledging your love for each other is a very personal experience. Depending on how traditional you choose your ceremony to be, vows can be straight out of the book or written individually. Of course, the latter may seem like an obvious choice for an off-trend bride, but you don’t have to stop there!

If you’re musically inclined, try writing your vows as a song and singing them at the altar. Live music is already a classy addition to any wedding, and you can bet there won’t be a dry eye in the house!

Creative Cakes

Cakes can be made in any shape, size or color, and they’re going to be sliced up anyway so you might as well have fun. White frosting is boring, so feel free to go bold in your color choices. As for your cake topper, don’t go with the plain bride-and-groom. You can incorporate anything from fruit to antiques to sparklers, and more!

If you have picky eaters on your guest list, you can always make a fun little cake for just the two of you and have self-serve stations for a “build-your-own cake” experience!

Do Them a Favor…

…and find some good favors! Some of your guests may have gone to a few weddings already by the time they attend yours, so don’t leave them with another mini bubble blower or a bag of candy. They’ll be much more appreciative of something different and useful — such as personalized sunglasses at a beach wedding — or classy and decorative for their home.

If you’re having trouble finding a thing to give and feel your money could go to something more useful, look into donation options. Whatever you do, find something neutrally accepted by your guests and also important for you. Your local pet shelter, arts or education group could be perfect recipients, and your guests will feel better knowing their small gift was actually put towards something useful.

Last, But Not Least

Just be you! Even if all of the elements of your wedding aren’t “uber unique,” your celebration will be a joyous day where everyone will be celebrating your love. As long as you stay true to yourself, you’ll find happiness throughout your special day and will have memories that last a lifetime. 

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