8 Ways to Incorporate Botanical Trends Into Your Wedding






Set the stage with botanical themed invitations, like these from Oak & Orchid.


invitations oak and orchid


A welcome sign can easily feature a simple floral accent – a great DIY project!  If you’re unsure of your artistic ability, borrow or rent a projector to shine a traceable image on to your desired surface (in this case, a stained wood panel.)  Trace over the image and fill in with acrylic paint in the colors of your choice. 



Adding greenery to your table can be done very simply, and the addition of green glassware accentuates the look.  Adding gold accents warms up this palette.



Soft green bridesmaids gowns add more of this signature botanical color to your wedding.



The additon of fresh flowers to a wedding cake is nothing new, but these delecate blooms and fringed ferns stay within the botanical look.



Touches of green leaves in your wedding dress is a unique look – this one is just right.


 Decorating with ferns is an inexpensive signature botanical look.



A bouquet like this one, as well as the lush floral background, allows for simple, all-white linens, chairs, and decor.  A greenhouse is a perfect setting for this look.


 All images via Pinterest


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