8 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Invitations

The joy of partying or celebrating anything by the sea is something not to miss out on.

The Sydney Harbour is a great place to celebrate your wedding on a boat and see the magic happen. An average cruise should typically take up to 400 people with 10 being the minimum requirement.

We all know how planning a wedding can be so stressful and can create a lot of panic. Every little detail matters. So, when you want to do something unique and different without spending much on flying off to some remote island, a day cruise for a wedding is the ideal choice.

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Even the age old sit down at a wedding hall just seems run of the mill. So, when you tell others that your wedding is going to be on a cruise, they are surely going to look forward to this event with such zeal and fervour. The best part about this is that you can choose whether you want to have the wedding on a shore side all docked or you can have it sailing against the waves of the sea. Whatever the choice, it is bound to be an event like no other.

Nowadays, there are a number of cruise line companies offering excellent services related to planning cruise weddings, and have such great packages that you would want to go and book the cruise even before your wedding dress shopping.

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Among many benefits of having your wedding on a cruise/boat is that you can do so much with the themes. You can have a Hawaiian beach party theme or a sailor theme. You can even get married off by the Captain. How cool is that!

This is so easy to do, just call the cruise company up and voila! The in-house wedding planners will do the rest and keep you updated. Normally, cruises which offer wedding ceremony’s have a ship chapel where the ceremony takes place, then you can go party and dine at the main deck with others. After you are done, the guests can leave and then you and your significant other can enjoy the cruise all by yourself and sail off for a honeymoon at the sea.

s out there because you get your wedding and honeymoon all rolled into one.

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