9 Winter Wedding Cover Ups to Keep You Warm







1.   A Blanket – Keeping a blanket on hand is not just for Netflix nights at home.  This red and black plaid blanket used as a wrap adds texture, color, and warmth to a bridal look.  While we wouldn’t suggest wearing it down the aisle (but go for it if that’s your thing!), a blanket like this one makes for a great look in snowy photos.



2.  A (Faux) Fur Wrap – Classic luxury.  A faux fur wrap instantly adds richness, texture, and warmth.  Plus – it’s so soft!  (Warning – you  may not be able to resist petting yourself.)



3.  A Poncho – A warm wool or wool-blend poncho adds just the right touch to a western-style wedding.  The girls at Cowboys & Angels Boutique in Sykesville MD gave their tips on these type of style touches in the Spring/Summer 2016 issue of Wedding411 The Magazine.



4. A Knit Scarf – YES.  Simple, easy, warm, and sweet.  Don a coat and gloves to complete the look for those outside photos.  Bonus – you’ll get tons of mileage out of these pieces by using them in your everyday winter wardrobe.



5.  A (Faux) Fur Cowl – Adding a draped fur cowl to your wedding look allows for you to go strapless in the cold. A dramatic color, like this deep grey and brown, contrasts nicely with a white gown and adds a rich texture.  We love this look paired with a rich raspberry or plum lip.



6. A Sequined Jacket – A rose gold or copper metallic shine adds sparkle, while 3/4 sleeves transition this cover up between fall or winter weddings.  Bonus – this jacket could be a NYE staple in your closet for a long time.



7.  A Vintage Shawl – with botannicals making a big statement in 2016, a silk shawl wards off the chill and adds vintage style. Embroidered details engage with texture and vibrant colors.  Our grandmothers might have something like this in their closets…



8.  A Chunky Knit Capelet – while “chunky” is not a word you may want to associate with your wedding look, this wide-ribbed knit provides a texture that can’t be beat when it comes to staying warm.



9. A Vibrant Lace Cover Up – we found SO many white lace toppers, capes, and shawls, but LOVE this bold choice with a pop of red!  Paired with a red lip, this look is simple yet unforgettable.



All images via Pinterest – visit our page for more style tips and trends!

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