A Southern Inspired Menu







Start your southern menu off right with a biscuit bar!  We love this idea – its an easy (and economical) way to let your guests choose their favorite starter.  Adding selections like honey butter and a variety of jams stretch your options even further.


biscuit bar


Shrimp and grits is a southern classic.  Ask your caterer to serve it in individual shot glasses for a modern touch, or display each one on a tiered serving tray.


shrimp and grits


shrimp and grits 2


Chicken and waffles – the ultimate southern comfort food!  Bite sized portions make this a manageable (and delicious) appetizer.


chicken and waffles


Dinner wouldn’t be complete without southern barbeque.  Rather than messy ribs, we like the way these have been pulled and served on a square of cornbread.  A selection of BBQ sauces adds another personal touch to a buffet.






There are plenty of options for drinks on a southern inspired menu – ice cold cokes, sweet tea, or a bourbon cocktail, each of these is sure to please.




iced tea


jack honey cocktail




peaches and bourbon


Southern desserts should be sweet, and these all fit the bill!  Mini pecan pies and individual servings of banana pudding make these treats easy for guests to handle.  


pecan pie


banana pudding


Send your guests home with a special treat like pralines, or biscuits and jam to-go.  They’ll appreciate your southern charm. 




biscuit and jam


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