Adding Natural Elements to Your Wedding Cake

When deciding on how you want to decorate your wedding cake, first consider your personal style as well as the theme or mood of your reception.  Make sure your cake plays nicely with that theme.  Gathering ideas on Pinterest, in magazines, and more will give you a great place to start, and the talented artists at a cake studio can take you from there.  Since these bakers work with cakes day in and day out, not only can they suggest ideas, but they know what materials work best to achieve your design goal and how to use them.

Cakes that incorporate natural elements can work in a variety of settings – a rustic reception may feature a “naked” cake, topped with fruits and flowers, while a more classic event may call for a white cake decorated with demure blooms and leaves. 



Though the natural pieces may be the star of the show, don’t hesitate to add texture on the cake itself – the play of pattern, texture, and flowers, etc. create a beautiful look.


Flower can be real, or created out of fondant or gum paste by the baker/designer.  They can be kept the same color as the cake for a monochromatic look, the fondant can be dyed, or the decorations can be hand painted to make the flowers look as real as possible.  With more labor comes more cost; keep the bottom line in mind when designing your masterpiece.




Want a natural look, but not keen on flowers?  Add a birch bark look with handpainted fondant, like the cake below. 


All images via Pinterest





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