At Home Weddings: There’s No Place Like Home

There’s no place like home and at home weddings can be even more beautiful than the traditional weddings. Here are some things to take care of while planning.

Advantages of at Home Weddings

First of all, you are in the comfort of your own home. There is no worrying about finding and booking the venue; there is no stressing about something going wrong with the whole process and you will be at peace about everything. Secondly, since there is limited space, you will get to invite only the people you care about the most which automatically leads to lower expenses. Lastly, you get to decorate and organize with your own flowers and plants and create the mesmerizing atmosphere you have always dreamed of. Not to mention that your home holds beautiful childhood memories which you can include into your wedding photos and have the most memorable photo album you will want to show off.

Guest Count



At home weddings will include limited space for all of your guests. After you have made a guest list and you realize that your home cannot handle that much people, you will have to trim the list. It is better to have fewer people attend your wedding than to ruin the atmosphere by overcrowding the space. You can also consider using indoor space in order to fit more people on the list, but you should probably leave that space as a plan B if the weather outside goes bad.

Professional Help

You are familiar with your home, but you might lack the objective insight for wedding décor. That is why you should consider hiring a professional to give you a fresh perspective on your property. Also, a wedding coordinator will help you cover everything, from setting up, to cooking, serving, parking space and even cleaning up. Additionally, you can even hire a cleaning crew and not get caught up in scrubbing and cleaning just a few days before the big day.

Clean the Yard



Besides cleaning up the house, your yard has to be perfect for the big day too. Drag out your lawnmower, hire a landscaper and remove anything that you don’t want to be seen in your wedding photos. It is essential to start preparing your yard at least 6 months in advance, and you can consult your landscaper about all the arrangements and necessary fixes. Moreover, you can even opt for setting up grass pavers and create a perfect aisle and a leveled surface for the seating arrangement.

Plant Your Own Décor

Having an at home wedding brings the benefit of planting your own decorations that will last a lifetime. You don’t have to stress about the florists and the condition of the ordered flowers when you can arrange your own yard in a perfect manner and create a mesmerizing wedding atmosphere. You should start planting the flowers really early, because most perennials and annuals take time to grow and reach their fullest beauty. Some of the most beautiful flowers for a spring wedding are tulips, daffodils and lilies of the valley, while for the summer one you can consider planting geraniums and Gerbera and African daisies.

This is your big day and it should completely suit your needs and desires. That is why it is best to have a wedding at home where all the memories and beauty of your garden can contribute to making this day even more memorable and dream-like.

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