Benefits of Having a Destination Wedding

Simpler to Plan
When planning a close-to-home wedding, the couple has to figure out so many logistics. From venues to DJs to flowers to transportation, there is an endless list of things you have to deal with when planning a wedding close-to-home.

The great thing about destination weddings is that many destinations have pre-planned packages that are put together by professional wedding planners. All you have to do is say exactly what you want and it’s all taken care of for you!

It seems hard to plan such a large and important event from far away, but with the help of wedding planners at the destination of your choosing, it’s actually much less stressful than doing it all yourself.

More Cost-Effective
The biggest misconception about destination weddings is that they’re too expensive. The reality is that destination weddings are actually usually less expensive than close-to-home weddings. And you can totally do it on a budget!

Depending on the number of guests and whether you’ll be paying for your guest’s transportation or not, all you have to pay for is the wedding package and the resort stay, which can double as a honeymoon. This takes away the need to pay thousands of dollars for a wedding and then an extra couple thousand for a honeymoon.

Destination weddings are also usually a little bit smaller than local weddings, which means less heads to feed and pay for. Many destinations also offer discounts to wedding groups and honeymooners.


Perfect for a Reunion
Having a destination wedding means that your guests will most likely be together for a few days rather than just a few hours. This gives you so much time to mingle with family and friends so that the wedding can be spent just having fun rather than making sure you say hello to everybody. Your wedding will create a vacation for everyone who shows up and be the perfect excuse for a great and stress-free reunion.

Unique Experience
Aren’t you jealous of anyone you know who might have had a destination wedding? You can be that couple! Create the wedding of your dreams with a destination wedding and give yourselves something to really remember. You’ll have beautiful pictures and amazing memories of such a unique wedding experience!

You can also capture this unique feeling by traveling somewhere in the United States instead of going abroad. There are so many beautiful locations in the country that allow for the destination feel without having to worry about expensive airfare. For example, you can search for exclusive country clubs that offer wedding packages just like the destination resorts.

Less Stress
Destination weddings allow you to have a wedding that is completely you. Since it’s such a different experience, you don’t have to follow family traditions that might not appeal to you. You don’t have to follow any sort of rules or do anything that you don’t want to do! That’s the beauty of a destination wedding: it’s all about you, which is exactly how your wedding should be.

More Intimate
Since destination weddings are normally smaller than close-to-home weddings, you can focus on only inviting the closest family and friends you have. With local weddings, there is often pressure to invite people that you might not want to invite, but feel obligated to. With a destination wedding, you can pick and choose exactly who you want to be there on your special day. This will create an intimate and perfect wedding.

As you can see, destination weddings have many pros that couples often don’t think about. Don’t immediately count out a destination wedding when planning your big day. Your dream wedding might be more obtainable than you think!


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