Change Your Name

Some services will charge you $30 or more to handle it for you, but you can change your name on your own if you have some organization, a bit of patience and can follow these hints below.

• To start, you need a copy of your marriage certificate. The application for a certificate is online ( Complete and mail it, along with copies of required identification, a self-addressed, stamped envelope and the requisite fee to the Division of Vital Records ( Or, visit the Division offices for same-day service. I recommend you pay a little more and order multiple certificates – some institutions require you to provide an original and it can take a while to get it back.

• After receiving your marriage certificate, bring it to the local Social Security office to obtain your new Social Security card. Visit any office located in Maryland ( along with a passport or driver’s license and an Application For A Social Security Card Form (

• Next, get a new driver’s license. Visit a Motor Vehicle Administration office (locations can be found at -) with your current driver’s license, marriage certificate, new Social Security card, passport and proof of Maryland residency. You can find more information regarding these documents online (

• Then, it’s time to change the title on your vehicle. Complete the Application For Corrected Title Due To A Name Change ( and bring it along with your current title, driver’s license and $50 fee to a local MVA branch. Or, you can mail these documents with a copy of your license to the address given to you after completing the Maryland Name Change Package’s quick questionnaire ( After changing the name on your Maryland driver’s license, you can apply for a duplicate vehicle registration card in person at your local MVA office or online ( The fee is $5.

• Changing your passport may require a fee. If you applied for a new passport less than a year ago, you won’t have to pay. Simply fill out the Application for a U.S. Passport ( and submit it along with your current passport, your marriage certificate and passport photo to the address listed on the application. If you applied more than one year ago, you will have to pay. Submit a U.S. Passport Renewal Application For Eligible Individuals ( along with the fee, your current passport, marriage certificate and a passport photo.

After updating these major types of identification, everything else is fairly simple. In fact, offers a helpful checklist to keep you on track regarding what you have changed and what still needs to be changed.

Natalie E. Whelton is newlywed and an attorney at the regional law firm of Adelberg, Rudow, Dorf & Hendler, LLC. She assists clients in estates & trusts, business law, transactional and tax matters. For more information, call 410-986-0860 or visit

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