Choosing Your Wedding Colors

Consider Your Venue

Sometimes your venue will lead you to a color scheme automatically. The rich woodwork and tapestries found in older, historic locations lend themselves to jewel tones and deeper colors. Imagine a grand staircase, regal furnishings, and stained glass windows…with bridesmaids dressed in lemon yellow? No thanks. The colors you choose should complement your venue since its style is such a guiding force in determining the overall look of your wedding.


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Work with the Season

Spring and Summer lend themselves to lighter colors while Fall and Winter envoke deeper tones. Here are some of our favorites:

Spring – pastels, coral, blush tones, spring green

Summer – nautical blues, pinks, yellows, mint green

Fall – gold, orange, deep rust, deep plum

Winter – emerald, navy, deep reds

There aren’t specific rules when it comes to choosing a color for each season, but working within these guidelines may even save you money in the long run. If you must have pink peonies in January, be prepared to pay through the nose (or risk not having what you want at all) because they are off season.


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Trends vs. Classic

Mint and gold is a hot trend right now…but red and black was popular back in the day. You never know what will be “in” at any given point in time, so follow your eye. Collect images on Pinterest that you like, but step back for a moment to take a look at the big picture. If you’re trending on the side of light, pastel colors, you know which direction you’re headed in. Trust your vision and don’t get sucked in by the latest must-have, just because everyone else is. There are plenty of ways to work in up-to-the-minute ideas, but classic color combinations will stand the test of time.


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