Cool Homemade Gifts for Your Best Friend On Their Wedding

Some may even take on a loan and exhaust their life savings for their dream wedding. Indeed, wedding costs can be stressful since it can easily add up.

However, spending over your budget doesn’t involve the bride and groom alone. As a guest, you would want to be presentable and look fabulous on your best friend’s wedding day, too. There’s a new dress and shoes to buy, nails polished, and hair done. You might also need a new purse to match your lovely dress.  And if your BFF lives in another state, there’s a hotel reservation to pay and flight to book, too!  But how can you save a little or at least keep your spending within budget?

Buying gifts can be easy, but making one your own holds more value since you exerted your efforts into it. So, not only that you saved money, but you can also surprise your best friend with a gift that you personally made. So, to get you started, you can get ideas from Top Reveal or try one of these. 


  • Frame their wedding invitation or their names. The newlyweds surely won’t get enough wedding memorabilia to celebrate the day of their union. So, surprising them with a framed wedding invitation or their names is a welcome surprise that they would surely treasure. And the best thing is, you don’t have to spend much for it. All you need is a little creativity and a good frame.


  • Just married convertible gift card holder. Put your little know-how on arts and crafts into good use. Get a card board and cut it following the convertible gift card design that you can easily get over the internet. A bride and groom over riding a just married car added with a lace ribbon is cute!


  • Scrap book. Take a little time to search and select the best looking couple’s photos of your best friend and her groom. Create a scrap book showing their best shots and happy moments. You may also want to include some funny yet memorable photos that both of them treasure.


  • His and her mug. Get inspiration from their wedding motif to create how your gift of personalized ‘His and Her’ mugs will look like.  If you think they have enough mugs, a ‘His and Hers’ pillows or bathrobes will do just fine.

         His and her mug

  • Canvas portrait. If you are into painting, make your best friend and her groom one. Or you can also print one of their favorite photos, edit it out to make it look like a canvass.


  • Heart string art. Although it may seem a bit hard, there are tutorials that you can easily find online. So, prepare some strings, a wooden canvass to layout the nails into heart-shaped and spun the strings until you formed a heart. If you want to get more creative and wanted to personalize it a bit, layout their bride’s and groom’s initials in the middle. They will surely love it!

        Heart string art

  • Creative name plates for them. You can go for engraved wood or other materials for the name plates. They can be free standing or hung on the wall.


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