Create an Amazing Destination Wedding Video (5 Effortless Ways)


Weekend itinerary? Check. Wedding dress? Check. Passport? Check.  Wedding video? Oops.

So many destination brides forgo getting a wedding video because it’s one less thing to squeeze into the budget. Yet if you really think about it — you’re putting an incredible amount of planning and money into your once-in-a-lifetime wedding celebration, so you’re not going to want to miss a minute.

Pictures are a must, but video is the only way to capture the beauty, fun, and especially the emotions of the weekend you’ve been dreaming about for months!

destination wedding

It’s more than just a video, it’s a time capsule that lets you relive your wedding journey – an experience brimming with irreplaceable, priceless moments. Hearing a beloved family member’s voice, the joyous laughter of college friends; seeing his face as you walk down the aisle, your parents’ reactions to the first dance, the hilarious wedding toasts… memory fades and thousands of precious moments are forever lost without a video…

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