Creative Pathways

Marking the pathway to your parking area or where you’ll say “I Do” is one of those special touches that shows your guests that you’ve kept their comfort in mind.  We’ve all pulled up to a beautiful location, gotten out of the car, and wondered where to go first…why not make sure your guests are kept in the know?

It is always best to make sure that anything you’d like to do on whatever property you are using is permitted.  There’s no reason to spend lots of money on lanterns just to find out that you can’t plug them in or light them up!  Ask the property owner or manager to be sure before proceeding.

If the answer is no to any type of electric lighting, consider something like this simple set of fabric pathway markers.  These will create a beautiful walkway to your guests destination, especially if there is a breeze on your wedding day.


What if you aren’t permitted to plant any supports in the ground?  It will be challenging to hang any lanterns, fabric, flowers, or roping.  The pathway itself could be marked with a simple stencil.  Using flour and food coloring, create a giant shape that will be easily seen by all of your guests.  (Hint – a great job for your attendants to complete the mornign of your wedding!)


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