Do You Know What Your Bride to Be Really Wants?

Every individual has spent time dreaming of what their wedding would be like, down to the smallest detail. Over time, that dream may change as the person grows. Someone that grows up in the country may want a more grandiose wedding, and someone that grew up in the big city may just want to go to the court to get hitched.

A wedding day is going to be one of the most important events of the bride’s life, and it’s important to make sure that day is as special as imagined. You have to ask the right questions to help make that dream come true:

1. Do you want a big or small wedding? Have a theme in mind?
A big wedding doesn’t have to be expensive, and a small wedding can bust the budget faster than you’d imagine. It’s important to know how the bride defines “big” or “small” and to reassure them that their wedding dream is possible. Help the bride curate that dream theme!

2. What do you want to keep simple, and what do you want everyone to go all out for?
The bride may want to have extra special treatment up to the wedding and then have a simple day where everyone comes together in joy, with no frills. The bride may want a low key shower and reception and an extravagant wedding day. It’s important to know which part should be grand and which part should be simple, because there will always be a mix, and the budget will always be a haunting factor for some.

3. What kind of engagement ring suits you?
You don’t just get the bride’s ring size and put a ring on that finger. You need to know the bride’s style!  The ring should be as unique as the bride. Have friends do some super-sleuthing to find out what the dream piece really is. Be sure to investigate and take time to consider your ring choicesIs it something simple? Does it have a unique stone, or is it a family heirloom?

4. How did you imagine your wedding as a child, and how do you imagine it now?
It all starts with that first wedding dream. Everyone has pictured it at some point. Ask the bride how they first imagined their wedding. You’ll get a lot of sweet and funny impressions from this. Maybe a wedding dress is passed down from generation to generation, or someone literally jumps the broom. Know that how the bride imagined the wedding will have changed over time. Remember to also inquire: “Close your eyes, and tell me: how you picture yourself on your wedding day?”

5. What faith or customs will be a part of your wedding?
Couples may have different faiths or customs. Even if a bride is not spiritual or religious, there still may be unique customs to be introduced or kept. Maybe the bride would prefer to customize the service and write personal wedding vows.


6. What kind of gifts do you actually want and need?
China, blenders and wine racks are lovely gifts, but what if the soon to be married couple already has these things? What if they lead a minimalist lifestyle? Ask where the bride would prefer to be registered, and what kinds of gifts, if any, are important.

7. What do you think will be your biggest worry, and how can I help ease your concern?
Every bride has a worst fear that they have said out loud and should be prepared for, even if it seems “silly.” No worry is too big. Remind the bride of that and help ease and prepare for any worry.

8. How do you want your guests to feel? Who shouldn’t sit together?
The bride may be more worried about guest’s expectations than personal concerns on the wedding day. Ease into those worries by asking how the bride would like guests to feel at the wedding. Family members, friends and old flames who don’t get along are likely to be on the guest list, too. Always know who may cause potential drama at the wedding, and explore seating arrangements that minimize that concern.

9. What do you really want to do for your honeymoon?The honeymoon is often a gift to the couple, and the bride may be self-conscious when speaking up about a preferred destination. Those first few days of married life are important. Don’t let the second honeymoon be the real honeymoon in their minds. Ask!


10. How can everyone help you after the wedding?
It’s all about the wedding, but real stress factors can set in once the bride gets home. There’s sorting through presents, sending thank you notes, updating everyone on the honeymoon and returning to the “real world” after all the lovey-dovey celebrations subside. After wedding care is just as important as the wedding.

Asking these ten questions will help set the bride’s mind at ease, and make the Big Day all the more special by having someone who really cares ask the right questions. Now, it’s time for some super special wedding day sleuthing. Go!

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