Engagement Rings: What’s In What’s Out?

Although engagement rings have been around since ancient times, they became popular in the 1900s, while the Victorian England in the century before brought the use of diamonds to the table. There have been several unique styles throughout the decades. Edwardian England saw lacy styled rings while the 1920s and 30s paid homage to the Art Deco movement.

Large fancy rings were popular in the 40s, while the widespread use of emeralds became en vogue in the fashion of Jackie O in the sixties (sapphires after the engagement of Princess Diana in the eighties). Celebrities like Aubrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor set trends with their engagement rings, mixed metals featuring in the former and a huge 33 carat number in the case of Liz Taylor. As gemstone cutting processes became more advanced, more refined cuts for the center diamond began to increase in popularity.

Today we’re so lucky to be able to choose from a wide variety of fashions. We can see them in stores, on the pages of a celebrity magazine, or in real life as trends change and people find what suits them. Check out some of these trends from 2015 for some dazzling ways to say “Let’s get married!”

Colorful Stones
Colored engagement rings are all the rage if the red carpet has given us any indication. Celebrities are showing off stones featuring rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and many variations on diamond colors, as well. If that statement is a little too bold for your personal taste, rings featuring colored stones on the band are a more modest yet still fun variation on this trend.


Yasuko Azuma has debuted several pieces illustrating this colorful trend. California jeweler Tacori and famed Tiffany & Co also have colored stone variants available for perusal and purchase.


Halo engagement rings feature a stone surrounded by a corona (or halo) of smaller diamonds. The look is classic yet glam, amping up with sparkle without sacrificing the centerpiece – the rock you’ve been waiting for!

The popularity of the halo ring is evident as its been seen on engaged starlets and celebrities this year. Natalie Portman recently paired her awesome halo engagement ring with a beautiful complementary diamond-studded wedding band. Shiny!

Side Stones and East-West Settings
For some extra sparkle and shine, the stones surrounding the center gem have become very important! Rings featuring an encrustment of side-stones are becoming de rigueur for recent engagement rings, and can be used creatively in a multitude of different designs.


East-West settings apply the side stones so that some gems can be seen from any angle. A line of stones will be slanted on either side of the wedding band for a look that is unique and detailed.

Beautiful Bands
As methods of jewelry-making becoming increasingly more digitized with 3D rendering and 3D printing, previously unheard of designs are now seeing the day of casting and stone setting as computers take over complex geometries and patterns that weren’t possible by hand. Design facets like side cutouts and split-shanks on either side of the diamond add some awesome detail to your engagement ring.

Say I do with an engagement ring that will last throughout the years! These trends are what’s hot this season, but find something that speaks to your heart forever!

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