Getting Married Far From Home

Planning a wedding out of the country certainly has its plusses and minuses.  Consider the 5 W’s:

1.  Who?

One major factor in planning a destination wedding is determining who will be able to attend.  Based on cost alone, the trip may be difficult for many family members and friends.  Older (or younger) guests may not be able to travel-keep their safety and comfort in mind.  However, those that can attend will have the opportunity for a fabulous vacation!

2.  What?

What can you plan in advance?  Resorts that offer wedding packages offer choices on flowers, locations, etc.  You’ll also be able to include basic details on your invitations.  But there may be some choices that you’ll have to make when you arrive.  Plan on a few last minute decisions that may have to be made.

3.  Where?

Where in the world should you go?  Think of a location that speaks to you – are you a beach person or would you rather get married on the top of a mountain?    Also, consider the marriage laws in various countries.  Some require that you are in the country for a specific length of time before being allowed to tie the knot.


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4.  When?

Keep weather in mind when making your travel plans – some locations may have a rainy season that you may want to avoid.  Travel costs for you and your guests will also fluctuate throughout the year.  More people may be available to travel over a long holiday weekend, but flights will most likely be more expensive.

5.  Why?

Why do you want to get away?  If you’re thinking that you’ll escape the pressures of planning a big wedding, you may be right.  However, don’t put yourself in a position of potential separation from your family and friends (due to their budget and time restraints) just to make a quick getaway.  Consider these factors, and if getting married far from home is for you, make the most of it!

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