Growing for the Wedding

My future MIL and I (mostly her) tried growing a variety of flowers in 2013 to see what will perform in summer of 2014! We (she) planted zinnias, cosmos, dahlias, baby boo pumpkins, and sunflowers!




Cosmos only 1 week in (back in May 2013):


Zinnias are hearty, and just plain pretty! I’ll be using mason jars for my wedding decor, and I think zinnias are a perfect match. We chose white, and they are doing well! Lots of buds on them.

These are the cosmos, progressing!


No blossoms yet…but we are keeping a close eye out.


: ( The deer like to eat the dahlias 🙁 There are a few buds on this one, and hopefully the deer stay away!

Aren’t they a beautiful shade(s) of purple!?


See all the zinnias!?! I really am glad they like the soil/sun etc. where they are.

It’s easy to be “eaten alive” by mosquitos while in the garden, where the sunflowers and pumpkins are, hence the lack of photos. The overall end goal is to hopefully grow our own flowers for the wedding this September. I just picked out a few that bloom late summer, into fall and we tested the soil in my MIL’s garden to see what takes. I’ll be very happy with anything that grows this summer and turns out to be sustainable for wedding decor!!

How are you cutting floral costs for your wedding? What are you favorite plants and flowers to see at a wedding?

Author and Photo Credit: Sierra Bouchelle

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