Guest Post: DIY Wedding Bouquet

Jessica created a simple bouquet of roses, carnations, hydrangea, and bay leaf for the wedding.  Her tips and step by step advice make it seem so simple!  We also love her insight on where to buy flowers and totall agree…believe it or not, Costco and Trader Joes have a beautiful selection for unbelievable prices.  Read more for Jessica’s tips…

If you’re thinking about making your own wedding bouquet – or a hand-held bouquet for any occasion – but are concerned you won’t be able to hack it, I’m here to tell you to put fear aside and embrace the DIY! Making a bouquet, even a large one, even one for a very fancy affair, is not nearly as difficult as it seems. Truly, the hardest part is standing in front of a refrigerator full of flowers and deciding which ones work best together. Even then, though, I’ve got some tips to make that easier, as well.
Creating your own bouquet, or having someone in your wedding party make one for you, is so much more cost effective than going to a florist and shelling out at least $200. By making the bouquet yourself, you not only save money, but can really customize it to your tastes. With a few tips, some guidance, and patience, you can design a really gorgeous bouquet and for a price so small, you’ll feel like you got away with something really sneaky!

To read Jessica’s full step by step directions, click HERE!




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