Guest Post: Getting In Tip Top Shape for the Big Day!

1.) Use your time wisely. Ok, so you are engaged and started putting together a plan for the catering, venue, invite list, why not start with your fitness goals? If you have a year or longer, you have more than enough time to lose those extra few pounds in a healthy and sustainable way. Make clear goals for that year—stating where you can realistically get to by the wedding day and milestones throughout to check up on your progress. The best way to make sure you stay on track is to make yourself accountable! And if you can’t trust yourself to stay on track…get a buddy! Your future spouse? A bridesmaid? Mother of the Bride??


2.) Up the Water, Veggies, fruits. We all know the basics of nutrition, yet consistently ignore them when we are trying to lose weight. It’s not magic…there’s no special sauce. Eat a big breakfast to jump start your metabolism in the morning. Make sure it includes a protein and a carb to get your day started off strong. Start every day strong and you will be bound for success.

3.) Werk! At least 5 days a week. No excuses. It’s not impossible, but it’s hard. And because of that, it will pay off. I like to do at least two days a week of some High-intensity Interval Training, a few days of more moderate exercise that includes some weight training to get those arms in shape for the dress, and then also a day of just some good old fashion distance running. If classes are your speed, Xtend Barre has a great barre program that I feel for days after taking a class. The keys are to mix it up so that it keeps you and your metabolism working and make sure you sweat!


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4.) Watch the Dranks. Everyone knows that a glass of red wine a day probably has more health bennies than cons. But, notice that the amount is ONE glass. And a ONE glass of wine does not mean fill the glass to the brim…its 4 ounces. Alcohol can not only add empty calories, but it makes you tired and lethargic aka you’re more than likely not going to work out the next day if you overdo it. So don’t. Trust me, there will be plenty of time for that during all of the wedding festivities!


5.) Sleep. It’s hard with so much to do with seemingly so little time. But everyone needs their 6-8 hours of shut eye a night to reset their mind and body. Do some stretching and deep breathing before you hop into bed if you have problems turning your mind off. DON’T sleep next to your phone and DON’T watch Netflix until the wee hours of the morning as those are surefire ways to miss out on some good zzzzzzz’s.
See?!? It’s not that hard. It just takes dedication and prioritizing these healthy habits to get into the best shape just in time for your wedding.

Good luck!



Lauren Pencek is a newlywed living with her husband on Capitol Hill since their wedding last fall. She is a blogger dedicated to nutrition, fitness, weddings, project management, and all around dining and entertainment in the DMV. Lauren is a NBA and NFL professional cheerleader alumna and spends her free time taking as many dance classes as possible and traveling to as many new places as possible! Follow her on Twitter @LaurOntheHill and at!

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