Guest Post: Give the Gift of Great Skin!

I can’t tell you how many little trinkets, candles, or ceramic figurines I’ve gotten at weddings and showers along the way. I rarely use these items, but always feel bad discarding them, so they remain in the junk drawer or closet never to be seen or heard from again. All I can say is, “WHAT A WASTE!” Seriously, why do you want to spend your money on a gift, which is a small token of your appreciation, only to have it wasted?

I think giving people the gift of great skin is something different and would be a welcomed treat. I mean, who doesn’t love to be pampered? Not only are you pampering these important people who are part of your special day in some way, you’re helping them to look and feel better for your big day and thereafter. Why not give an extremely versatile product, such as Rodan + Fields micro-dermabrasion paste, which can be used on your face, arms, legs, feet, or anywhere on your body that has rough or bumpy skin. This products lasts forever and gives people incredibly silky, smooth skin in preparation of your upcoming wedding. The results from this product are just unbelievable and you will be the hero bride-to-be in sharing this wonderful product with them and thinking about them when the focus of the big day is really you. If I received this gift from you, rather than a wine stopper, small pocket mirror, hair comb, or jewelry, I would be psyched! Not that those other gifts aren’t cute, useful, or fun. It’s just that you have a bazillion of them and you don’t need any more!


Another great gift idea for the gift of great skin is to give them a multi-function eye cream. You want your bridesmaids, mom, future mother-in-law and/or guests to look and feel fabulous on the big day and in pictures. Why not gift them an eye cream that combats fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles and puffy eyes? Boy will they be thanking you! Here’s another idea, if you’re getting married in the summer at an outdoor wedding, you can gift a mineral powder with SPF that helps reduce shine and protects from sunburn.


Lastly, if you are feeling extra generous, why not give your bridesmaids and moms a skincare regimen that targets their biggest skin concern? For example, give your mom and future-mother-law the Redefine regimen that makes them look and feel younger. For your sun-worshiping friends, give them the Reverse regimen, which helps with sun damage and sun spots. For your bridesmaids with sensitive skin that can get irritated easily, give them the Soothe regimen. For your bridesmaids that deal with breakouts, give them the Unblemish regimen. Instead of treating them to lunch, the spa or giving them wedding day jewelry, give them the gift of great skin! This gift will not go to waste. You will be the hero. You will help everyone look and feel fabulous for your big day and for years to come!



Brianne Monroe is a Rodan + Fields Consultant. “I am proud to represent Rodan + Fields Dermatologists. I believe that using Rodan + Fields is as close as you can get to visiting a dermatologist … without an appointment. Rodan and Fields can truly transform your skin. I have personally witnessed the difference these products have made on people’s skin and in their lives. My favorite products include Reverse Deep Exfoliating Wash and Unblemish Spot Fading Toner.”

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